The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 102 - Seductive And Tantalizing

Chapter 102 - Seductive And Tantalizing

The auction was organized in collaboration by a few developers, so the shops and land on action were not limited to one or two companies.

In spite of it, Yun Jian only needed that shop.

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As an auction was a formal event, Zhang Zhifan dressed himself up for the occasion. Switching out his gangster look, he changed into a suit and actually looked quite like a successful boss.

Prior to this, he was only a loan-shark.

Yun Jian dressed as usual with a high ponytail. She had a good foundation, so even without dolling up, her features were flawless.

Her eyelashes were long, exuding exuberance when she blinked. Her appearance was clean and guileless, the slight curve of her lips was sure to capture attention.

Before she departed, she knocked at Si Yi’s door that was next to her room.

"Knock, knock, knock."

Three raps later, the door opened.

Yun Jian caught a light whiff of a fresh scent upon the doors opening. It was faint but it was rejuvenating.

Si Yi appeared at the door in casual loungewear. His damp hair framed and wrapped his handsome face. There was a hidden smile on his face which seemed like his features were specifically molded to perfection.

It was apparent that he had just showered.

Si Yi wore a soft smile, the curve spreading from the corner of his lips. "Yes?"

His husky voice was with a tinge of rasp, but it was incredibly charismatic.

Yun Jian looked at him with a grin and licked her lips with her hand stretched. "Your car, lend it to me again."

A flash of sharpness flickered in Si Yi’s eyes as he slightly tilted his tall and muscular build to cage Yun Jian’s petite form. His voice came from above. "I don’t borrow my car easily. What do you... offer me in return?"

As he spoke, he scanned Yun Jian up and down with a wicked gaze.

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Yun Jian was rebirthed to a frail little body, but she was thin in the right places and filled up where she was supposed to be. Puberty hit her well and she looked like she was going to be well proportioned and shapely when she was fully grown.

In probably less than two years’ time, she would definitely be a beauty who enchanted everyone with just a glance.

Yun Jian wore a grin and side-eyed Si Yi as she heard him, throwing him a flirty look. "What do you want from me in return then?"

She curled her finger around her hair while talking and took a step closer to the guy.

Before she went around him, however, Yun Jian’s dainty fist turned to a claw as she launched an ambush toward Si Yi’s h.i.p.s. She was swift, an average person would not have expected it.

Mastering seduction was a necessary skill as a secret agent.

While Yun Jian had never experienced romance in her previous life, nor even an excessive intimate interaction with men, she had seduced her enemies into letting their guards down and killed them in one move.

Obviously, she was not planning to kill Si Yi. She only wanted to grab the car keys on Si Yi’s h.i.p.s.

What Yun Jian did not expect was Si Yi to side-step and avoid her grasp. His speed was one step faster than hers!

Yun Jian had been training herself physically since her rebirth, but her physical abilities were lackl.u.s.ter compared to her past life’s.

Even then, she was still startled when Si Yi avoided her grasp.

She might not be able to escape unscathed, given an encounter with Si Yi, even if it were in her previous life self

Yun Jian wore a smirk as she shifted her hand. She already started it, so she might as well go through with it. She fell into Si Yi’s sturdy embrace.

The fresh fragrance of the young girl greeted Si Yi. He, who had never been so intimate with women, was dumbfounded.

Yun Jian took the opportunity and stretched her hand to pick the car key around his h.i.p.s before she left his embrace and skipped some distance away. She could not help turning around to beam at him. "I’m taking the car, thanks!"

After that, she was already running downstairs.

With the fresh girly scent lingering on his nose, Si Yi suddenly blushed as he stood frozen on the spot, not knowing what to do for the first time.

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