The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 103 - Attending The Auction And Encountering Her Uncle

Chapter 103 - Attending The Auction And Encountering Her Uncle

Driving the Lamborghini, Yun Jian had arrived at Zhang Zhifan’s rented house and was waiting for him outside.

When the latter saw her ride, his eyes widened, apparently shocked.

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The car models he usually saw were limited to just a handful, especially in a city that was still developing like Longmen City. Sports cars were only afforded by the wealthy. Ordinary businessmen or slightly richer households were usually driving brands like Santana, Honda, and Mazda, cars that were gas efficient, economically priced, and average in appearance.

It was not yet the decade where cars were commonly seen everywhere. Presumably, it was also the best time to start a car dealership.

When Zhang Zhifan saw the modified Lamborghini sports car, the dazzle in his eyes was undisguisable, although he was more shocked.

After Zhang Zhifan got into the car, he was still stiff, not daring to touch anything in the vehicle as if afraid of breaking something. Ultimately, he could not hold himself back and asked Yun Jian. "Sis Jian... where did this car come from?"

"I borrowed it." Yun Jian squinted without providing further explanation.

She then ignited the engine and showcased her driving skills, speeding despite Zhang Zhifan’s terrorized gaze, and arriving at the venue of the auction briefly.

The auction was a collaborative effort among various developers. It looked grand and exclusive, not everyone could join it.

If one was not dressed appropriately, they could possibly be stopped before the doors.

Yun Jian did not have an invitation, thus she drove the Lamborghini here to put her status on display.

Otherwise, how could she bid for the land and open her car dealership if she could not even get past the bidding doors?

Yun Jian would never allow the possibility of her being denied at the entrance.

The auction was held in the prime location of Longmen City, the Vogue Plaza.

Yun Jian drove the shiny black Lamborghini and drifted into Vogue Plaza’s entrance before she hit the brakes and stopped right before the door.

She got out of the sports car and entered the building with Zhang Zhifan.

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Everyone around them was astounded.

The appearance of the Lamborghini caused a commotion among the people.

It was already wonderful for one to be able to afford a car in this era. – Although guests of today’s auction were either affluent big bosses or Longmen City’s elites, it was still rare for one to afford a sports car.

The Lamborghini was a modified super sports car and a global limited edition, sold only a handful within the world. A lot of people at the bidding knew about this car, but never had the chance to see one in real life.

Now that they did, they were baffled.

Which notable presence had graced the tiny Longmen City?

Nonetheless, they s.u.c.k.e.d in a surprised gasp when they saw Yun Jian exiting the driver seat of the car.

Wow! Did the super sports car belong to a girl who looked like she was yet to be eighteen?

Simultaneously, Yun Jian was already welcomed politely by Vogue Plaza’s usherettes.

The auction had yet to begin. Businessmen and government officials were scattered around the venue in groups, each seeking serendipitous acquaintances leveraging the gathering of wealthy figures of the event

Partnering in forces and sharing win-win opportunities were already the norm of society.

Yun Jian was unusually distinct standing here, because most of the guests were either mature women or grown men. All of them were middle-aged people except her, who was very young.

There was only one reason that the guests paid attention to her as well. Understanding that one must have the prestige or know someone significant to be able to attend the auction, the young girl must have her brilliance since she could be here.

"Yun Jian?" An untimely low tone of a man’s voice rang suddenly under everyone’s staring.

Yun Jian turned her head slightly to see a foreign yet familiar face.

Zhang Tiejun? Her uncle by name? She had met him once when Xu Haozhe was ambushed by a sniper the other day.

He could grant himself entrance into a formal event like this too? Yun Jian looked away.

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