The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 104 - Like A Thunderbolt

Chapter 104 - Like A Thunderbolt

Zhang Tiejun was truly dumbstruck when he saw Yun Jian.

His impression of Yun Jian was not strong. In the past, she was always feeble and fearful, not resisting even when she was bullied.

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That day when he met her in the hotel, however, she had been the first person to react and push the rest of them away from the sniper’s assault!

Zhang Tiejun was extremely petrified at that point in time.

As he fled from fear of the sniper, he was unable to care for Yun Jian.

Today, Zhang Tiejun had pulled a lot of strings for him to make a close cut to the auction, but never in his mind had it occurred that Yun Jian would be here too!

She actually managed to slip into the bidding venue? This was not a place anyone could simply enter.

Based on Yun Jian’s identity, she was completely ineligible to make it into the auction venue!

Yun Jian side-eyed Zhang Tiejun without making a sound.

In her impression, this so-called uncle would act blind and ignorant towards her family. When there were family gatherings, he would blow his horn in front of them too.

After all, he was the most successful one among the relatives. Building his business from scratch to becoming a small-time entrepreneur now, he felt that he was the special one among the family members and was superior.

When Qin Yirou asked to borrow money from his family, Zhang Tiejun glowered while adding oil to the fire, being incredibly miserly.

"Yun Jian, why are you here?" Zhang Tiejun was Yun Jian’s uncle but they were not close, evident as he called her by her full name.

Zhang Tiejun did not believe that Yun Jian was adequately capable to be permitted in an exclusive event like this, assuming that she must have sneaked in from some corners in the Vogue Plaza, so his tone was rather curt.

Before he got a reply from her, he continued reprimanding Yun Jian patronizingly with a frown, "There is an auction here! It’s starting soon. How did you sneak yourself in? You should be more sensible now that you’ve grown up! This is not a place you can come just because you wish to. Leave now if you have nothing to do!"

Zhang Tiejun’s intention was clear. Yun Jian was asked to leave the venue since this was not a kid’s place.

In his mind, Zhang Zhifan who was standing behind Yun Jian, jerked his lips, rolling his eyes at Zhang Tiejun in disdain.

Yun Jian arched her pretty brow but did not argue with the man.

Since he was here at the auction as well, the reason for her appearance here would surface soon enough.

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The shop that she had set her eyes on would not be given up for some irrelevant people or matters. This was not her style.

Yun Jian’s supple cheeks were radiant as she wore a bewitching yet youthful smile as she spoke to Zhang Tiejun, "I’m here for the auction."

"Nonsense!" Zhang Tiejun’s face sank, looking more ominous.

"This isn’t a place you kids should be coming to. Get out now before the auction starts..."

Zhang Tiejun was cut short by the middle-aged man who was beside him when the latter tugged his coat and pointed at the door to him.

A group of people cast their gaze at the entrance.

A band of middle-aged men wearing suits and ties came in through the doors looking noble and classy.

The person ahead of the group was Mayor Gu whom Yun Jian had met on Xu Haozhe’s birthday.

Mayor Gu was currently being crowded by a mass to pay him court.

When Zhang Tiejun saw Mayor Gu, he forgot all about Yun Jian and followed the man who had tugged his coat just now to go to the mayor.

This was the reason he worked so hard to be granted entrance into the bidding. He had been waiting for Mayor Gu!

Of course, he had a favor to ask of Mayor Gu.

In spite of it, Mayor Gu who was encircled turned around and coincidentally caught a glimpse of Yun Jian who was already eye-catching.

He separated himself from the mass and walked toward her.

Seeing that Mayor Gu had seen him, Zhang Tiejun stood straight without daring to move a single step. He held his breath.

The mayor had actually noticed him?

Zhang Tiejun was pleasantly surprised.

When he saw Mayor Gu brushing right past him to greet Yun Jian, he felt like a thunderbolt had struck him.

Mayor Gu looked at Yun Jian and suddenly stretched his hand with a warm smile. "Little girl, we meet again."

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