The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 105 - You Reap What You Sow

Chapter 105 - You Reap What You Sow

Mayor Gu, the mayor of Longmen City, held the highest position upon government officials of the city.

Usually, there would only be others pandering him, but Mayor Gu disliked bureaucratic bribery, so he was mostly nonchalant to them.

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However, what was everyone witnessing today?

Mayor Gu had personally gone to greet a teenage girl?

What was the girl’s background? How could she earn his high regard?

Zhang Tiejun, specifically, was watching the scene like he had just swallowed a frog.

Yun Jian actually knew Mayor Gu and more crucially, Mayor Gu seemed to be rather friendly to her?

Astonished and regretful, Zhang Tiejun thought that he must look like a fool after saying what he did to Yun Jian.

Yun Jian was not bridled like others were when she faced Mayor Gu. With a casual smile and natural expression, she pressed her lips together slightly and said, "Yeah, it’s a coincidence."

"Quite the coincidence, little girl. Are you here to join the auction? Do you want to enter with me now?" Mayor Gu invited with crescent eyes.

The man looked like he was a breath of fresh air compared to the dog-eat-dog world he lived in. After all, being in politics for years, as well as being a mayor for a long time. He still possessed a shrewd judgment of people.

Yun Jian was young, yet it was because of her young age that Mayor Gu could not help regarding her highly.

Even a person like a mafia boss bowed down to take orders from Yun Jian.

Basically, even Snake.Lizard had to listen to Yun Jian. Was she really just an ordinary little girl?

Mayor Gu rationally opted to stand in the same boat as Yun Jian did.

His instincts told him that his girl was extraordinary!

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When the crowd heard the man’s invitation for Yun Jian, they were in a clamor again.

Yun Jian would not reject him of course, as the initiative from Mayor Gu saved her a lot of trouble. She nodded. "Sure."

She then gave Zhang Zhifan a look, signaling him to follow her into the bidding hall.

Zhang Zhifan was in a stupor. An insignificant civilian like him had never expected to receive an invitation from the mayor in his life – all this was thanks to Yun Jian!

When Yun Jian was about to step into the bidding hall with Mayor Gu, Zhang Tiejun’s unabashed voice rang. "Hold on!"

He ran over and blocked the mayor’s way. Although he did not understand why Mayor Gu knew Yun Jian and viewed her highly, it was not the time for such consideration.

"Ma – mayor Gu, nice to meet you. I’m Xiao Jian’s uncle. You can call me Xiao Zhang," Zhang Tiejun said, making use of his relationship with Yun Jian, and continued to say, "Um, this is the case. I’ve been working with my friend recently and we’re applying for the permit of a..."

Zhang Tiejun was utilizing Yun Jian to speak to Mayor Gu in order to resolve his plight. Before he could finish his words, Yun Jian cut him off.

She looked at Mayor Gu and helped to introduce Zhang Tiejun with a small smile. "He’s indeed the husband to my mom’s elder sister."

The detachment of their relationship was clear in her words.

One reply was all it took to seal Zhang Tiejun’s fate.

Mayor Gu obviously understood Yun Jian’s implicit meaning. If they were relatives, how close could they be when she would not even call him "uncle"?

Mayor Gu flung his hand away at once. Since Zhang Tiejun was not someone Yun Jian cared for, he had no qualms about not making the acquaintance.

"Mm, we’ll talk next time. I have urgent matters to discuss with the girl!" Mayor Gu waved at Zhang Tiejun in dismissal before entering the hall with Yun Jian, leaving Zhang Tiejun who wore a long face.

He was doomed...

He resented himself, for not being able to discern earlier that his niece actually knew a public figure like Mayor Gu!

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