The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 107 - Contesting Bids. The Shop Is Mine

Chapter 107 - Contesting Bids. The Shop Is Mine

The shop lot was solely selling the land to the buyer, meaning that when the buyer bought the shop lot, the land was the buyer’s personal property, thus there is no need to pay for rent in the future.

That was why the shop lot that Yun Jian wanted, Dongchun Port’s Shop Lot No.1, started at a high price point of two million Chinese yuan.

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Two million Chinese yuan was not a small figure during this era. Usually, a person possessing over millions of Chinese yuan in assets could already be deemed as someone in the higher social class.

Therefore, when the starting bid was announced, a lot of people who were interested in the shop lot held themselves back despite their wishes.

In spite of it, there were still plenty of affluent people among the guests today and someone offered their bid promptly.

"Two million and ten thousand!" A middle-aged man bid.

Zhang Tiejun, who sat at the back of the auction hall near a corner, was shocked when he heard the digits. He was an owner of a small business, one of the ric.h.e.s.t in the whole of Xinjiang Town. However, when he came to the thriving Longmen City, his capabilities were small and insignificant.

A sliver of veneration toward these wealthy people birthed within Zhang Tiejun in an instant.

The only thing he could not figure out was, what has Yun Jian done that earned her the regards of Mayor Gu?

Why was the man being so friendly to her?

"Two million and twenty thousand!" Someone counteroffered right after the middle-aged man’s bid.

There were more bids being offered but the upturn in numbers were not alarming, staying between the ten or twenty thousand Chinese yuan increment.

Mayor Gu’s perceptive gaze lingered on Yun Jian. He was not one to keep his thoughts unannounced, so he asked the girl directly, "Little girl, why aren’t you bidding if you’re buying this lot of land?"

Zhang Zhifan who sat beside Yun Jian shared the same doubt but he dared not ask.

Yun Jian’s answer came in a simple word. "Wait."

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Questions bubbled within Mayor Gu but he ultimately swallowed all of them.

Dongchun Port’s Shop Lot No.1 was a lot of land that many tycoons were fighting over, thus the bids gradually rose and had reached nearly three million Chinese yuan.

In the end, some chiefs who thought that it was no longer worthy gave up bidding, leaving two men in this contest.

"Three million and one hundred thousand! Mo Shilong, you old thing, stop fighting with me!" One of the men was obviously at his limit as he could not help growling at the man who had been countering his offers.

"Three million and two hundred thousand!" The tycoon who was addressed as "Mo Shilong" refused to yield.

Both men were contesting bids with none of them willing to relent.

Zhang Tiejun who sat at a corner gasped, thinking that he had finally been able to witness two big bosses in competition. They were not battling in thousands or tens of thousands. They were fighting over a shop lot in the millions!

He had truly never seen a scene like this. When the auction ended, he would consider himself a more experienced man. He might even boast about it to his relatives and friends.

"Four million!" The businessman who lashed out just now was already gritting his teeth and fuming when he made the bid. – This was the maximum he could offer!

"Four million and ten thousand!" The one named "Mo Shilong" was still persisting, though he did not appear to be any better.

Spending four million for a shop was not worth it, so the fuming big boss just now gave up.

"It’s yours, it’s yours! Humph, Mo Shilong, you better not let me encounter an opportunity for revenge next time!" The seething boss shouted at Mo Shilong.

"Humph, I’ll be waiting!" Mo Shilong chuckled, finally looking assured.

Although the price soared, he had finally secured the lot of land. After all, other than that fuming boss, no one here in the hall could contest him!

Just when Miss Li was counting down the last three seconds with a smile, a young and melodious voice of a girl rang and shocked the entire hall.

"I’ll add another ten million. Fourteen million and ten thousand Chinese yuan – I’m taking this shop!"

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