The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 108 - Got It. He’s Doomed

Chapter 108 - Got It. He’s Doomed

Fourteen million and ten thousand Chinese yuan!

To the guest, Yun Jian’s words were earth-shattering. Everyone cast disbelieving gazes at the little girl who sat beside Mayor Gu.

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They had thought that the young lady was only qualified to enter this auction because she knew the mayor. No one imagined that she would be bidding, let alone offering an additional ten million Chinese yuan as a counter-bid!

Gasps and exclaims were heard as the spotlight of attention was now focused on Yun Jian.

Zhang Tiejun who was sitting deferentially in the corner tensed in the blink of an eye. His eyes widened at Yun Jian with various emotions surfacing across his face.

Offering a bid in a legitimate auction but not being able to pay for it required one to bear the legal consequences.

Since Yun Jian dared to make a bid, it must mean that she was able to afford the sum.

That was well over ten million!

Zhang Tiejun was quivering.

Totaling all the savings he had at home, it amounted to only around two hundred thousand. The wealth he had acc.u.mulated was worthy of everyone’s fantasy and admiration in Xinjiang Town. Howbeit someone in this auction had just purchased a lot of land for over ten million.

More importantly, the bidder who baffled everyone was his so-called niece, she whom came from the poorest family out of his relatives!

"Cough, cough, cough..." Miss Li could not instantly recover from the shock either, however she was a veteran auctioneer, so she knew how to ease and liven up the atmosphere again.

"Fourteen million and ten thousand, any higher price?" Miss Li revisited the topic.

Many of those in the hall might not even have said amount in their possession. How could there be anyone wishing to continue bidding at this point?

Miss Li then started counting down promptly. "Fourteen million and ten thousand going once, going twice, going thrice, sold!"

The Dongchun Port Shop Lot No.1 now belonged to Yun Jian.

A smile that did not match Yun Jian’s age tugged at her lips, she felt incredibly pleased.

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It was absolutely not a steal to buy a lot of land for over ten million, but when it was Yun Jian who bought it, the situation was different.

Yun Jian was never one to conduct business that she would be unprofitable, in fact, she had to invest even more.

Of course, she did not want to contest with the others, thus increasing her bid by a large portion to directly acquiring the shop. This was because others would definitely not be able to counter the offer that she had made.


Yun Jian paid the fee in full and signed the transferring agreement with the previous owner. The land was officially her property.

After the successful acquisition of the land, it was getting late too.

Exiting the auction hall, Mayor Gu was still cordial with Yun Jian. His instinct told him that this young girl would certainly make it big out there in the world!

When Yun Jian was leaving, the man had even called out from behind her, "Little girl, look for me if you have any issue in the future! If you can’t find me, go to my grandson, Gu Hao. Ask that rascal to be your messenger!"

Yun Jian was already some distance away but there was a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips, obviously having heard what Mayor Gu said.

Hopping on into the Lamborghini sports car and making sure that Zhang Zhifan was inside the car too, Yun Jian stepped on the accelerator and the car sped off like a lightning bolt.

Zhang Tiejun rushed out as fast as he could but he was unable to catch up with Yun Jian’s pace. He was trembling and panting.

He did not catch her in time!

He was doomed!

These were his first thoughts.

If Yun Jian stood before him right now, he would even kneel down in front of her asking for forgiveness!

For the first time, Zhang Tiejun felt defeated. He finally understood why Yun Jian was esteemed by the mayor. – She was worthy! She had the capability!

Yun Jian was now driving Zhang Zhifan back to his rental at the fastest speed possible, then drove back to the villa with the Lamborghini.

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