The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 111 - The Tattletale Reports, She Passed A Note

Chapter 111 - The Tattletale Reports, She Passed A Note

Yun Jian was automatically categorized as a student of the class who had excellent academic results with a poor family background.

Chen Xinyi’s words were not meant to be condescending. Instead, she was only thinking of helping her, assuming that Yun Jian was actually impoverished. It was just that she was not the best at phrasing her words, so it turned out more direct than it should have sounded.

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Yun Jian pursed her lips as she wrote her reply on the ball of paper that Chen Xinyi had tossed over. "I’ll go."

After that, she scrunched the paper up again to throw it back to Chen Xinyi, only to hear Lu Rongrong who sat not too far away exposing their act to Miss Yu.

"Miss, I saw Chen Xinyi secretly tossing a note to Yun Jian just now. We’re in class now. Even if everyone’s excited about the fall outing, we can’t forget about the class rules. We are not supposed to pass notes during class!"

Obviously, Lu Rongrong had caught Chen Xinyi passing Yun Jian the note just now.

She was also shocked to see Yun Jian catching the ball of paper with her eyes fixed on the textbook, but she would never think twice about it as she scoffed inwardly. What was there to be surprised about? It was only a coincidence, although Zhang Shaofeng had been calling Yun Jian his "master" and asking her to teach him martial arts skills and whatnot.

Nonetheless, it was only Yun Jian’s tricks which made her look cool in the eyes of Lu Rongrong and the others.

Who was she trying to fool!

While Miss Yu was a new teacher freshly graduated from college, her taboo was students going about discreet business during a lesson.

Therefore, when Lu Rongrong reported the girls, she walked toward Yun Jian immediately.

"We’re in the middle of a lesson now yet you girls are passing notes? Do you still want to go to next week’s fall outing?" Miss Yu stood between Yun Jian and Chen Xinyi’s desks and asked fiercely.

She was a principled teacher, never looking down upon or fawning over certain students based on their family backgrounds. Due to her ethics, punishments were severe for a student who did wrong once Miss Yun became aware of it.

Wrongdoings shall be punished – Miss Yu had always been strict on this principle.

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"Miss, I saw Chen Xinyi throwing the note to Yun Jian with my own eyes! It must be hidden in the desk!" Lu Rongrong added haughtily.

She had disliked Yun Jian for a long time, lately however, there were no opportunities to attack the latter as Zhang Shaofeng and Chen Xinyi were usually protective over her.

Hah, her chance was here today!

How dare Chen Xinyi and Yun Jian pass notes right in front of the homeroom teacher? They were asking for it!

Heh heh, Lu Rongrong thus instantly became Miss Yu’s informant.

Being caught red-handed, Chen Xinyi gritted her teeth at Lu Rongrong while worrying about the impending scolding from her teacher. After all, she was usually a goody-two-shoes who was rarely criticized. Lowering her head, she dared not look at Miss Yu.

Lu Rongrong who saw this felt even more pleased, as she looked over to Yun Jian in provocation.

Yun Jian scratched her head and looked at Miss Yu with a shrug, without the slightest of guilt in her eyes. "We didn’t pass any notes."

She then glanced at Lu Rongrong and blinked. "Your eyesight couldn’t be as bad as an old woman and have mistaken it, could you?"

She cunningly said that she was like an old woman! Lu Rongrong’s blood was boiling. She swiftly ran to Yun Jian’s desk and rummaged through the textbook on the table right before Miss Yu.

"Miss, it’s here! I saw it just now, Yun Jian hid the note in a textbook on her desk!" Lu Rongrong accused while flipping through the stack of textbooks on Yun Jian’s desk.

When she went through the last book, the so-called note did not even appear.

Lu Rongrong was dumbfounded.

When the entire class looked at her, their gazes were now skeptical.

Miss Yu did not look happy about it either.

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