The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 112 - Penalized To Stand Outside. Hiding The Note

Chapter 112 - Penalized To Stand Outside. Hiding The Note

"Where’s the note? Lu Rongrong, where did the note that they were passing go to? It wouldn’t have... been eaten by you, right? Hmm? Hahaha!"

"Lu Rongrong must have the eyesight of an old woman, heh heh heh!"

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Finally, their classmates could not hold themselves back but shout in jeers and jokes boisterously.

Perhaps they were still thrilled from the news of the fall outing, the whole class clamored when something like this happened to Lu Rongrong.

The girl’s radiant face sank as a blanket of grey engulfed her. She was shaking, feeling exceptionally wronged.

She had seen Chen Xinyi passing the note to Yun Jian! Why did it disappear just like that!

"Miss Lu Rongrong, you accuse your classmates of passing notes. What else do you have to say?" There was a frown on Miss Yu’s disdainful expression.

As mentioned before, she was a principled teacher. A taboo of hers was students committing secretive conduct right under her nose. At the same time, she disliked students who became tattletales and falsely accused their friends.

Basically, Lu Rongrong struck Miss Yu’s peeves.

"Miss, I – I really did see them passing notes! I..." Unrepentant, Lu Rongrong loudened herself to debate.

"Out! Stand outside! No need to attend the next two periods of self-study session tonight! During which you’re not allowed to enter the classroom!" Miss Yu did not have the patience to listen to Lu Rongrong’s nonsense as she pointed at the door and growled at the girl.

A class should prioritize harmony. Teamwork and goodwill were the criteria of good class ambiance.

In spite of it, Lu Rongrong had accused Chen Xin Yi and Yun Jian of misbehaving in class. Of course, Miss Yu was furious.

Lu Rongrong was fuming but she dared not show it as the teacher was still here. Dragging her feet outside, she glared at Yun Jian before she left.

It was as if her glare was telling Yun Jian that "This is not the end yet!".

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Yun Jian flashed a smile at her, serving to further anger Lu Rongrong.

"Alright now, continue with your lesson," Miss Yu said waving her hand and went back to her table.

When the first period of the self-study session ended, Lu Rongrong was still serving her penalty of standing outside of the classroom while Miss Yu had gone back to the office.

Many students were outside of the classroom moving about freely, leaving only a handful of them in the class.

Zhang Shaofeng approached Yun Jian, both he and Chen Xinyi stared at her in adoration.

Chen Xinyi asked in a soft whisper, "Jian Jian, how did you hide the note right in front of the teacher? Oh yeah, where is the note now?"

Zhang Shaofeng was also staring at Yun Jian in anticipation.

Yun Jian smiled sweetly as her fair fingers went to her hair, pulling a small ball of paper out from the center portion of her hair that was the thickest.

She spread the piece of paper in front of her two friends and grinned. "Here it is."

Zhang Shaofeng and Chen Xinyi were flabbergasted.

They then recalled that Yun Jian had scratched her head when she stood up just before to deny that she had been passed a note. Did she hide the note in her hair at that point in time?

She actually stuffed the note in her hair right in front of everyone without a trace! How did she do it? Was it magic?

"Master, you’re too... too amazing!" Zhang Shaofeng’s mouth was agape, speaking only after a long time of staring reverently at Yun Jian.

The latter pressed her lips into a smile without saying anything.

Having been a secret agent in her past life, she was the best at hiding various dangerous weapons around herself without being noticed by others; even while she was walking, running, jumping, or doing any sort of movement.

Back then, she even had all sorts of blades hidden in her hair. Under her tongue and from head to toe, as long as there was space to hide something, it hid a secret weapon.

Therefore, hiding a note was barely a chore.

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