The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 114 - The Sandalwood Box And The Ring Match

Chapter 114 - The Sandalwood Box And The Ring Match

Si Yi had obviously not expected this turn of events. From the side of his handsome outline, the tips of his ears blushed too.

Puberty had treated Yun Jian’s current body well. She was only fifteen but she was already shapely.

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The softness of a young girl was distinct on Si Yi’s large palm.

Yun Jian pursed her lips. Taking advantage of Si Yi’s stupor, she pushed him away and stood up.

Her heart was pumping fast from an unknown emotion. Having stood up, she left.

Having lived two lives, Yun Jian was fearless in battle and could kill without batting an eye. However, what happened tonight was a first.

She merely took two steps before Si Yi’s tall sturdy build blocked her way. He was turned away slightly, displaying his side profile in Yun Jian’s line of vision. With heating ears, he said unnaturally, "Uh, sorry. It wasn’t on purpose."

Slightly regaining her composure, Yun Jian was still flushing hot red. In the next second, she pretended as nothing happened and told Si Yi, "Mm... Is there something you need me for?"

After spending recent days together, Yun Jian could confirm that Si Yi was the type of person who would only look for someone if he required something of them. If he had nothing concerning you, he would not even say a word to you, nor waste his saliva to make small talk.

Si Yi broke out of his embarrassment as well and furrowed his brows promptly. "Follow me."

Yun Jian looked up and nodded.

Consequently, she came to the roadside with Si Yi and saw his parked Lamborghini sports car.

When Yun Jian was seated in the passenger seat, Si Yi took a box from the backseat and passed it to her.

With a glance, Yun Jian’s eyes widened as her eyelashes fluttered following her rapid blinking.

It was the sandalwood box!

Her current reaction was fully caught by Si Yi, making him narrow his deep eyes.

"You know of this?" Si Yi questioned suspiciously when he caught the anomaly in Yun Jian’s gaze.

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Stunned, Yun Jian turned away and returned the box to Si Yi, acting like it was the first time she saw the box. "What do I know? I only think that this box is very pretty and was dazed admiring it. It must be very expensive?"

She had nearly exposed her emotions!

Truthfully, this sandalwood box had too much of an influence over her. This was the root cause of her rebirth! It was also the indirect fuse that caused her baby brother’s life!

This was why Yun Jian could not keep her emotions in check when she saw the box just now.

Nonetheless, why did Si Yi ask what he did? Was he aware that she knew about the sandalwood box?

Si Yi had only squinted and stared at Yun Jian for a while. Ultimately, he reeled in his gaze and pretended like he did not realize anything.

To prevent Si Yi from suspecting her, Yun Jian had questioned him instead, "Uh, why are you asking me about this?"

"Hmm, nothing." A glimmer of hope flashed in Si Yi’s eyes as he pursed his lips before starting the car engine. "I’ll send you home."

Until they arrived home and returned to their respective rooms, no one said a word to each other. It was plain that both were engrossed in their thoughts.

It was Saturday the next day. Yun Jian prepared herself and departed punctually when it was near evening.

At six, she arrived at the bottom of the Longtou Mountain and saw Zhang Shaofeng waving at her from afar.

When she walked over, he was still waving and shouting at her as if wanting to announce to the world, "Master, here! Over here!"

Yun Jian made her way to them and nodded at Zhang Shaofeng and Chen Xinyi.

It was then that she saw a group of teenagers similar to their age standing beside Zhang Shaofeng.

"This is my master, Yun Jian!" Zhang Shaofeng introduced proudly towards the band of boys and girls.

"Hah, Shaofeng, are you sane? This girl is your master? Do you want a master so badly or has something else gotten in your mind? A man like you is a pupil of a girl? I feel ashamed for you!" A teenage boy with dyed yellow hair and assumed chicness, who stood beside Zhang Shaofeng, spoke.

He was one of Zhang Shaofeng’s friends within the clique.

Boys this age loved boasting in front of girls to show off their prowess and to impress them. It was inevitable that he said anything that came to mind without a filter.

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