The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 115 - The Flamboyance And The Arena

Chapter 115 - The Flamboyance And The Arena

After the yellow-haired boy spoke, the teenagers around them laughed.

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They were snorting at the fact that a young master like Zhang Shaofeng was actually taking a mild-looking girl like Yun Jian as his master.

"Pfft, shut it! What do you know, Gu Hao? My master is not an average girl!" Zhang Shaofeng waved his hand at Gu Hao and scoffed, all the while siding with Yun Jian.

Gu Hao?

Yun Jian had not said anything. Even when the group of teenagers had mentioned her, she felt that it was unnecessary to reply to such trivial matters. However, when she heard the name Gu Hao, she could not help doing a double-take at the boy with his yellow hair.

Was such a coincidence possible?

Was this Gu Hao Mayor Gu’s grandson?

Then, she abruptly recalled that Mayor Gu had asked her to go hard and teach his grandson a lesson for him if she met the latter. Connecting the friendly instruction and the current Gu Hao who looked flamboyant in his yellow hair, ripped jeans, and flashy patterned shirt, Yun Jian put the pieces together.

She guessed that Mayor Gu was probably powerless against his grandson’s rebellion.

Teenagers their age were rebellious by nature.

In her past life, Yun Jian lived life on the edge. Her only wish each day was to survive and see tomorrow. Under such circ.u.mstances, she had never experienced a rebellious phase of adolescence the usual kids would go through.

"Your master isn’t average? So how above average is she? Haha, she doesn’t have an additional arm or leg compared to us, what can she teach you?" Gu Hao did not mean harm. He only cared for how cool he looked in front of the girls.

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When Zhang Shaofeng heard Gu Hao criticizing his master like that, he protested at once. Both of them bickered until it was almost time to start the underground battle.

The band of teenagers rushed up the mountain noisily. Along the way, Gu Hao’s buoyant and ostentatious voice could still be heard.

"My grandpa is acquainted with Longmen City’s mafia boss. I heard for tonight’s match that the mafia boss is sending a very young woman to go against a foreigner who nearly made it to the international knock-out fight. It’s going to be interesting!" Gu Hao was chattering nonstop while walking in front.

The adolescent boys and girls liked listening to his tales, each of them enjoying the narration.

"A very young woman against a foreigner who’s that good... Won’t the Longmen City mafia boss lose for sure?" a girl asked timidly.

Hearing someone responding to him, Gu Hao felt flattered and bragged about the rumors he had heard, feeling rather superior. It was as if he was the organizer or the witness of this match.

As for Yun Jian, she was slowly walking up the hill with Zhang Shaofeng and Chen Xinyi behind the group.

Gu Hao and his friends did not know that Snake.Lizard, who was supposed to fight the foreigner who was rumored to be superb, had already left. The one who was replacing the woman was her, Yun Jian.

In spite of it, Yun Jian was nonchalant as she listened to the chatter, quietly following her peers to Longtou Mountain.

"We’re here! This is the place!" Zhang Shaofeng could not help crying out in excitement.

Right in front of the adolescents, a gigantic dome-like building greeted their view.

The arena and the spectacle platform of Longmen City was located in the hillsides of Longtou Mountain.

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