The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 116 - Smooth Entry. She Knows Him

Chapter 116 - Smooth Entry. She Knows Him

The only battle arena of Longmen City was built here.

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The fame of Longmen City’s Longtou Mountain owed largely in thanks to the massive battle arena.

When people hiked the Longtou Mountain, they would usually take a short break halfway up their trek and pay the arena a visit. Nonetheless, Longtou Mountain was still captivating with its picturesque scenery of nature.

Yun Jian did not get to see that view as it was now sunset and they were only halfway up the mountain. Despite that, she came across plenty of flowers and weeds on the way.

"Let’s go in!" Zhang Shaofeng led the way with a chuckle as it was not his first time here. A boy like him who was exceptionally interested in battles was a frequent spectator at knock-out fights.

When they came to watch, they would usually ask girls to accompany them as well. Their goal was none other than to impress the ladies to highlight their vast knowledge in fighting with a few jargons.

As predicted, Yun Jian could either hear Gu Hao’s boasts or the girls’ admiring exclamations as they made their way up the hill. She could only roll her eyes and smiled helplessly.

A group of men dressed fully in black stood at the entrance of the arena today looking solemn and stern. They were like mafia members in the movies who gave one chills when they glared at you.

Zhang Shaofeng who led the group to the ring was stopped before the entrance. The teenagers knew that not everyone would get to watch the fight, since it was a wager between a mafia boss and a foreigner.

"Shaofeng, move. I’ll settle this!" Gu Hao was finally making a substantial contribution.

He stepped forward and swallowed when he met gazes with the serious-looking men. Looking away, he abruptly gathered his fierceness and told them, "I’m Mayor Gu’s grandson. We’re here to watch today’s fight!"

The savage-looking man in front of Gu Hao stepped aside to grant them a smooth entry.

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Gu Hao breathed a sigh of relief and felt pleased with himself.

"Wow, Gu Hao, you’re amazing! You managed to get us in, I thought that we won’t be able to enter!"

The girls began to shower Gu Hao with flattery once again, making him feel float on cloud nine.

"Jian Jian, let’s sit over there." Chen Xinyi hooked arms with Yun Jian and walked toward an unoccupied viewing area.

The spectacle platform of the area was currently not filled yet, because those who wished to enter must first be accessed. The fight today was no ordinary knock-out battle. It was the wager between the mafia boss and a foreigner, so ordinary people would not be able to enter.

Certainly, there were still going to be spectators.

Yun Jian and Chen Xinyi took their seats while Gu Hao was still blowing his horn.

Out of the blue, Gu Hao saw a middle-aged man and pointed at him, telling those around him, "Look, that person, he’s the host of tonight’s battle. He’s the right-hand man of the mafia boss!"

"Ooh... that’s amazing!" The teenagers exclaimed once more.

They then saw Yun Jian, who had been sitting with Chen Xinyi at the platform, suddenly leaving and going towards the middle-aged man whom they identified as the mafia boss’ right-hand man.

"Hey, why is she walking to that person? Does she know the underling of the mafia boss?"

The group was stunned as they asked in puzzlement while pointing at the direction that Yun Jian was walking to.

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