The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 119 - Come At Me Directly. This Is A Quick Fight

Chapter 119 - Come At Me Directly. This Is A Quick Fight

Yun Jian’s verbal jab at Shiniji earned her the crowd’s cheer.

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Even if she was not able to win today’s match, she had at least snapped back at Shiniji on behalf of everyone.

The indignation was wrapped up and given back in its entirety to Shiniji who looked down on Country Z’s people!

Of course, the spectators did not think that Yun Jian would win, given they were all aware of Shiniji’s achievements and his physical advantage.

"Little girl, you’ve successfully enraged me!" Shiniji roared from his fury.

He then extended his middle finger toward Yun Jian, speaking in a despising, blatant, and provoking tone that caused a shudder from everyone in the arena.

Glaring at her, Shiniji bellowed, "Little girl, since you’re adamant about fighting this match, I, Shiniji, will have you who comes here high and mighty to go down to the floor!"

He meant what he said!

When the spectators heard him, they could not help the quiver that coursed through their body.

The underground black market knock-out fights were brutal. Even when an opponent was knocked out, there were no legitimate judges who would impose the rules for the end of a match. As long as the opponent did not die, no one would care if he or she was beaten up to a critical state or fully incapacitated. Even if the opponent did die during the match, the opposing party would step in and out of custody easily as long as they had a network of higher-ranking connections.

Shiniji’s identity was obvious. He was a fighter from Country Y’s national team and was even someone who had nearly participated in international competitions! He was surely skilled. His sinewy muscles must not be only for show.

Taking a look at Yun Jian. The girl had noodle-like arms and legs with an ant’s waist. She was only around one meter and sixty centimeters tall, barely comparable to Shiniji who was towering close to two meters.

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Simply put, Shiniji could probably squash a handful of Yun Jians like this with just one hand.

Evidently, he had said something similar, planning to seriously injure the girl during the battle.

Zhang Shaofeng and Chen Xinyi could not help but worry for Yun Jian when they heard him. They had accepted the fact that Yun Jian was fighting today in a flash, but they would never assume she could turn out victorious. After all, the stark contrast between the fighters could be seen in plain sight.

In spite of it, Zhang Shaofeng had still pulled a few people along to cheer for Yun Jian.

He was the most avid among them, his eager shouts ricocheting in the arena. "Go, master! Go, master! Victory, Yun Jian! Victory, Yun Jian! Victory..."

Right after Shiniji’s threat, Yun Jian heard Zhang Shaofeng’s fervent cheers.

There was a smile tugging at her lips but she did not look over to them. Instead, she faced Shiniji and wagged her pinky at him, chuckling in contempt. "Same to you. Once you come into this ring, you’ll be taken out on a stretcher!"

The young girl was wayward! This was what everyone thought at the moment.

Shiniji was perverse but he had his achievements to back him up. What about Yun Jian? What did she have?

"Pfft!" Shiniji snorted at Yun Jian and spoke menacingly, "Then, come on!"

The host of today’s fight was Duan Lei but even then, he could not help studying Yun Jian again. He had a feeling that she was no ordinary girl but he could not put his finger on it.

"No need to announce the start of the match. Come at me directly. This will be a quick fight. Against you, I’ll always be ready!" Yun Jian crossed her arms and told Shiniji with a raise of her brows, uttering words that almost made him jump.

The spectators were even more startled.

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