The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 12 - He Thinks That She Is Playing Hard To Get

Chapter 12 - He Thinks That She Is Playing Hard To Get

Yun Jian nearly laughed out loud when she heard the last of Yuan Yingjun’s words. – The best joke that she had heard to this date, honestly.

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She was only spending time in this park and met this person by chance yet she was accused to have come for him?

Yun Jian turned around wearing an enchanting smirk while she looked at Yuan Yingjun. "Who are you to me? I’m only here for a walk. What does it have to do with me whether you’re here or not?"

Yun Jian was straight to the point as it was the truth.

If it had been the other Yun Jian, the original owner of the body, she probably dared not say anything even if she was accused.

That was why Lin Mengyu would assume that it was her who enticed Yuan Yingjun and not the other way round instead.

However, that was also how her revival happened.

"Hmph, who doesn’t know how to play hard to get, Yun Jian? Do you think that Yingjun will take a second look at you like this? Dream on!" Before Yuan Yingjun spoke, a short and plump girl who wore thick makeup stood beside the boy, spitting at Yun Jian in hostility.

The plump girl was obviously Yuan Yingjun’s admirer.

Knowing that Lin Mengyu was sent to the hospital, Yun Jian did not expect that Yuan Yingjun to be having fun in the park with others, instead of taking care of her girlfriend.

"Heh." Yun Jian’s icy gaze flickered; not wanting to be acquainted with these people, she turned to tug Lu Feiyan with the intention to leave.

She did not want to interact with a boy like this at all, who was basically a playboy.

Lu Feiyan was stunned at Yun Jian’s reaction.

Xiao Jian used to hide behind her and was unable to retort when they encountered situations like this in the past but she had fought back today!

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"Stand right there, you two, don’t move! Or else I’ll act rough! I’ll really hit you!" The plump girl was instantly angered when she saw that Yun Jian and Lu Feiyan were going to leave without even a glimpse at her.

The girl was the daughter of Xinjiang Town’s mayor, Shu Li. She was known to harass others, taking advantage of her father’s position.

It was again the typical spoiled brat behavior, as everyone in the town submitted her.

Just now, however, the girl called Yun Jian had actually opposed her!

She was going to leave without a sound too.

This was a slap to Shu Li’s pride, so she shouted without thinking twice.

Yun Jian ignored Shu Li’s continuous threat and went much farther with Lu Feiyan before turning back.

"And who are you? Why must I stand still just because you ask me to?" Yun Jian scoffed.

She was the dominator of the secret agent sphere, the sole command of the world’s largest mercenary organization. Countless bigshots, tycoons, and politicians felt crippling fear just from hearing her name.

Yet the daughter of a small town mayor dared speak to her in this tone. Since when would the Slaying God be manipulated in fear? Even if there were one, the person was already dead now!

Yuan Yingjun who had not moved showed a charming smile, thinking that Yun Jian was really playing tricks.

’Hard to get?’

Yun Jian looked quite the part but it caused Yuan Yingjun to d.e.s.i.r.e this girl even more. There was still time. He refused to believe that this girl would not be charmed by his good looks and send herself his way

Yuan Yingjun had completely forgotten that he still had a girlfriend, who was still being treated in the hospital. He had also forgotten that the person who caused the incident was none other than Yun Jian, whom he thought was attracting him by playing hard to get!

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