The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 120 - A Singular Finishing Blow And Wanting To Kill Her

Chapter 120 - A Singular Finishing Blow And Wanting To Kill Her

"Great! I hope you’re able to leave here alive!" Shiniji made a strange-sounding snort, bumping his fists together and cracking them.

The loud pops gave chills to the spectators.

In the VIP rows of the arena’s first floor, Xu Zetian’s brows were locked together as he watched the confident girl in the ring with his deep set eyes.

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This match was crucial to him! That was why he had asked for help from Gu Sha Mercenaries.

Yun Jian was young and seemed to be harmless, but Xu Zetian knew well that people from Gu Sha Mercenaries were always unpredictable.

Even a seven or eight year old kid from the organization could pull out a pistol and kill you when they were just smiling at you in the previous second.

As for Yun Jian...

Xu Zetian locked his gaze on the ring but he was pulled out of his thoughts right then and there.

Shinji roared after his declaration, swinging up his solid fist to hurl it toward Yun Jian.

Everyone held their breath, each pair of eyes remained unblinking, fixated on the girl in the ring.

She held her ground with narrowed eyes, unmoved.

Shiniji’s fist was packed with all his strength. If the punch had landed on Yun Jian... Given she was only an ordinary little girl, she would have either died or sustained severe injuries from the attack!

Shinji was going all out!

"Oh gosh, is the little girl stunned from fear? Is she waiting to be smashed into a pie standing there? Oh my god!" someone wailed.

The spectators were already imagining the scene of Yun Jian being flung away from Shiniji’s punch. Some of the girls had even closed their eyes in terror, unable to watch what was about to happen.

Nonetheless, they heard Yun Jian’s words that sounded like they came from the grim reaper.

"You’re dead."

Yun Jian’s gaze changed. A perfunctory smile spread on her face as she told Shiniji calmly. It jolted the man.

Everyone was high-strung.

"Ha!" Further infuriated from her words, Shiniji slammed his fist toward Yun Jian violently.

What baffled everyone was unfolded right before their eyes. – Yun Jian who had stood frozen on her spot avoided Shiniji’s blow, at a speed that was undetectable to one’s eyes, in a split second. Shiniji, who did not expect Yun Jian’s lightning reactions, was stunned for a few seconds.

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It was this impossibly short duration that became Shiniji’s Achilles heel!

Any stupor or pause in a ring was lethal!

Yun Jian side-stepped to the back of Shiniji and pummeled a punch on the back of Shiniji’s ribs.

"Ah!" An electrocuting pain shot up and spread across the man’s entire body. Collapsing on the ring with a dull thud, Shiniji shouted in agony.

One blow and the victory was clear!

Yun Jian had only taken several seconds and one singular blow to defeat Shiniji.

She had defeated said professional fighter who almost qualified for the international arena!

Zhang Shaofeng and Chen Xinyi were shocked, Gu Hao was stupefied, even Xu Zetian who was at the VIP seat froze momentarily.

Country Y’s boxer, Shiniji, who was rumored to be expertly proficient, a veteran who nearly made it to the international fighting scene, lasted only one strike from Yun Jian!

Was this Yun Jian’s capability?

Shiniji, whose back rib bone was broken widened his eyes. He was indignant! He was resentful!

This little girl had crushed him with one single strike? It was impossible!

She had triumphed over him! His dignity would plummet to the ground from now on!

Shaking his head, Shiniji suddenly pulled out a solid device and pointed it at Yun Jian who was farther away.

She had to die!

"He’s got a gun! He’s got a gun! He’s going to kill her! Murder!" The spectators who were in a stupor from Yun Jian’s mind-blowing punch screamed.

Xu Zetian shot up from his seat as well, clenching the railing of the first floor.

In the ring, the girl’s aura transformed the moment Shiniji revealed his pistol.

Her small smile gradually vanished to be replaced with an icy yet eerie grin.

Gusts of murderous intent bloomed from Yun Jian.

She had said before, that those who wished to kill her would be killed before she was!

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