The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 121 - Child’s Play: Taking Your Gun And Killing You

Chapter 121 - Child’s Play: Taking Your Gun And Killing You

When the audience saw Shiniji expose his pistol, Gu Hao and his friends were so close to shrieking; especially the girls of the group who previously held prejudice against Yun Jian. These girls were students with powerful and wealthy families who would usually wail and m.o.a.n over a wounded finger. They had never seen a scene like this! Their legs wobbled at once as they squatted down, burying their heads low, and crying in fright.

"Master..." Zhang Shaofeng choked on his breath, wanting to sprint over when he saw Yun Jian in danger, but was pulled back by Gu Hao on the hem of his clothes.

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"Are you crazy? That foreigner has a gun!"

"But my master is in danger!" Zhang Shaofeng was resolute.

He was about to push Gu Hao away and ran toward Yun Jian when they witnessed a thriller.

Yun Jian was walking slowly toward Shiniji, completely unconcerned of the pistol in his grip that was pointed at her.

She was fearless despite being held at gunpoint. She slowly stepped towards Shiniji while everyone watched in fear and anxiety.

What was she doing! The crowd felt their hearts palpitating as they watched.

As Yun Jian walked, she retrieved a scimitar from some part of her body, as if performing a magic trick. Side-eyeing Shiniji who was unable to stand up since his back rib was broken, she chuckled icily. "How dare you point a gun at me? You’re dead!"

Shiniji’s hand that held the gun had already been shaking. – He was a boxer. He was not a hired killer nor a gangster. Asking him to shoot a person, he would not be able to stay as calm as Yun Jian was.

In addition, he was currently in Country Z. He was not in his own land. If he were to kill Yun Jian, Xu Zetian would never let him get away scot-free.

However, Yun Jian’s words were obviously provoking his rationale.

Shiniji growled at once. Recalling the humiliation he was put through just now, his finger was about to pull the trigger.

At that moment, everyone shared the same thought. Doomed – Yun Jian was going to be doomed!

She only had only drawn a blade. How could a blade be faster than a pistol’s bullet?

In addition, she was further provoking him to shoot while he was emotionally unstable. Was she seeking suicide?

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"Ah! You can go to hell!" Shiniji bellowed. Disregarding the pain on his back, he aimed the gun at Yun Jian.

Just when his finger landed to pull the trigger, a flying scimitar shot from afar in a terrifyingly accurate and high speed. The blade was now faced downwards and had slashed the back of Shiniji’s hand.

"Ow!" Shiniji’s hand that was about to pull the trigger loosened, causing the sturdy pistol to fall straight to the floor.

Yun Jian was the one who had tossed the scimitar!

While the spectators were still stunned that Yun Jian’s blade cut the back of Shiniji’s hand with such precision, Yun Jian took two steps forward to perform a combat roll.

In a blink of an eye, she appeared right in front of Shiniji and got up to step on his injured back rib.

"Ah!" A blood-curdling shriek came from the man.

Simultaneously, Yun Jian had already bent down to pick up the pistol that Shiniji had dropped and toyed with the weapon in her palm as her foot continued to press on his back.

The entire process took mere seconds.

The spectators shot up from their seats in amazement.

What had they witnessed!

Shiniji who was holding the pistol was countered by Yun Jian in a few fleeting seconds!

Gosh! He had a pistol but he was slower than Yun Jian who only had a blade!

Who was this girl? She was not human, given the skills and speed that she possessed!

Aiming the gun and pressing the gunpoint against Shiniji’s face, the man had either passed out or was numbed of his senses, the young girl’s devil-like voice spoke from above him and echoed throughout the arena, "Killing you is as easy as slaughtering an animal."

Shiniji had long been petrified. He had never seen someone this agile, and she was only an underage girl!

From what he knew, there is only one group of people who could grab away an enemy’s gun– they were assassins and secret agents!

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