The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 122 - Breaking Both Of His Hands And Winning The Match

Chapter 122 - Breaking Both Of His Hands And Winning The Match

In spite of it, due to the girl’s appearance, Shiniji did not categorize Yun Jian to be a secret agent or assassin, not even in his dreams. Her skills simply did not match her age.

"Hold on! Miss Yun, please wait!" Duan Lei called out and charged to the stage to stop Yun Jian from killing Shiniji.

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"Please spare Shiniji for our boss’ sake!" Duan Lei told her quickly, genuinely respectful of her after witnessing Yun Jian’s capability.

Shiniji deserved to die but he was a member of Country Y’s national team. Killing him meant killing someone whom Country Y had spent a lot of time and resources to cultivate, their people would not easily let this slip.

By then, it would not only be a personal grudge. It would instigate a massive battle with grave consequences.

"You want me to let him go?" Yun Jian asked, raising a brow while she made two light slaps on Shiniji’s face with the gunpoint.

Facing the girl’s question, Duan Lei could not help swallowing with a shiver and braced himself to nod. "Yes."

"Sure." Yun Jian’s casual answer made everyone puff out a deep breath that they did not realize they were holding.

This was a competition after all. Shiniji retrieving a pistol was already a terrorizing shock to the spectators. If Yun Jian had killed him there and then, a lot of them would probably lose sleep for many days.

With a sharp glint playing in her eyes, Yun Jian lifted her leg that was trampled on Shiniji’s back and took two steps back. Stabilizing herself, she told Duan Lei. "I can let him go."

When he heard her, Shiniji who was flat on the floor and feeling an impending dizziness, breathed in relief as well.

He absolutely regretted underestimating Yun Jian and provoking her!

"But I will have his hands." Yun Jian’s airy voice continued in the next second.

Then came two crisp gunshots. –"Bang! Bang!"

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Two bullets shot through Shiniji’s wrists and pierced his bones.

"Ah! Ahh!" Shiniji howled. The bullets that were embedded in his hands felt excruciating.

"Ah!" The spectators on the platform screeched as well.

She fired! Yun Jian shot him!

In comparison to the timid girls, Zhang Shaofeng and the likes were ardent. They were scared but they could not help venerating Yun Jian from the bottom of their heart.

Everyone had a taste of Shiniji’s attitude prior to this.

Not only had he mocked Yun Jian, but he had also taunted Country Z, their homeland!

Due to this attitude, their resentment was deeply rooted even if Shiniji died over ten thousand times.

Looking at both his shot up wrists, Shiniji lost all consciousness.

Yun Jian’s two shots had destroyed the man’s dignity, as well as put an utter end to his boxing career. With his meridians destroyed, Shiniji’s hands were as good as gone, because the basic requirement of a boxer was to have a pair of strong muscular hands.

Yun Jian tossed the pistol to Duan Lei after firing and said, "Tell your boss that the match is won."

She turned to leave the ring after that and headed toward the outside of the arena.

Frantically catching the gun that Yun Jian had tossed over, Duan Lei breathed in and swallowed, turning around to take care of the aftermath.

Seeing that the fight was over and the star of the match, Yun Jian, had walked out, Zhang Shaofeng and others ran out after her.

They had tons of questions for her right now.

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