The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 124 - New York, Country M. The Dinner Dress

Chapter 124 - New York, Country M. The Dinner Dress

New York was located in the southeast of Country M’s New York State, along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It was Country M’s most populous city and port, an international metropolitan.

Si Yi’s personal jet flew above New York, landing in the city’s airport.

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As it was a private plane and they did not need a transit alongside other transportation, the flight took less than ten hours.

Due to the time difference between Country Z and Country M, Country M’s time was already six to seven in the evening while it was only around six in the morning for Country Z.

They were just in time for the banquet.

Yun Jian had a good sleep on the plane. This was the first time she had slept so soundly since her rebirth. By the time she woke up, the plane had already landed.

Rubbing her eyes, Yun Jian got up from the soft human cushion. She stretched but suddenly felt something odd. Human cushion?

She turned around and discovered in shock that she had actually slept on Si Yi’s l.a.p.

What happened?

She remembered that Si Yi did not explain the situation to her after they boarded the personal jet. As she was staring at the scenery outside the window, she became sleepy and fell asleep.

In spite of it, she had picked a soft and comfortable spot on the plane seat to sleep. Why was her head resting on Si Yi’s l.a.p when she woke up? Had he moved her to his legs?

Yun Jian pressed her lips together thinking about it.

Even if he had shifted her from the seat cushion to his l.a.p, how could she not feel anything?

This should not be. How could she let down her guard and fall asleep without a care?

"You’re awake?" Si Yi’s husky voice came from above her.

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Yun Jian looked up to see Si Yi’s charming side profile as he turned away, his fair hand and long fingers ruffling his slightly messy short black hair. There was a tinge of red on his ears.

Swallowing, Yun Jian pressed her lips together into a stiff smile. "Are we here already?"

"Yeah." Si Yi nodded and opened the door of the jet. Turning, his lengthy form jumped off.

Yun Jian hunched down and followed him to hop off the plane.

When she landed, Si Yi grabbed her hand and walked toward the streets.

It surprised Yun Jian and she wanted to fling his hand away only to realize that his strength was incomparable.

It was Yun Jian’s first time encountering a situation like this, so she lowered her head flushing in embarrassment.

She could kill someone coolly whilst remaining composed and was indifferent when she saw e.r.o.t.i.c scenes in her past life. Yet facing Si Yi, there was an extraordinary feeling.

She could not point a finger to what feeling this was.

The elites’ banquets usually began around eight at night. They still had some time to spare.

Wearing a gorgeous smile, Si Yi held Yun Jian’s small warm hand as he led them to a lavish clothing store.

This was the retail store of an international fashion designer in New York, they rarely took in customers. If they did, their customers were usually renowned personalities.

Just as Si Yi tugged Yun Jian into the shop, Yun Jian saw two men who were in their twenties walking toward her.

When both of them saw their entwined hands and as a result, they could not help stopping in a stupor before quickly recovering and walking to Si Yi. "Young master, the formal attires are ready", they said with a slight bow,

Yun Jian was surprised too when she saw both of them. These were the people who stood beside Si Yi, on his left and right, when she had first met him.

They were Si Yi’s men.

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