The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 125 - The Lace Gown. Incoming Sweetheart Alert

Chapter 125 - The Lace Gown. Incoming Sweetheart Alert

"Mm." Si Yi gave a slight nod and walked toward the changing room while pulling Yun Jian along as they passed the two men, leaving the latter gaping in shock.

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"Holy, has the young master been enlightened? He’s learned to hold a woman’s hand now." One of the men rubbed his hands together, a hint of surprise showing on his handsome face, as he could not help talking to another man.

"Ya Dang, young master’s affairs aren’t something we can casually pass comment on. Stay in your lane," another man who looked more reliable reminded and turned to leave.

The man addressed as Ya Dang clicked his tongue standing there, and muttered towards where the more mature-looking man headed to, "Yeah, yeah, you, Mo Sen, is the most prim and proper!"


Si Yi had ordered a customized lace gown for Yun Jian. It was purely black in color and did not show much skin.

He had sent his man to ask the owner of this shop, the internationally renowned fashion designer, to design this dress. There was only one in this world, its value could not even be estimated by numbers.

When Yun Jian got changed and stepped out, she saw that Si Yi had dressed in a proper suit as well.

Si Yi had a solid foundation of features. His handsome face was flawless, his tall nose and commanding deep eyes exuded an aristocratic air. All the while, his black suit accentuated his lean and muscular build.

When Yun Jian came out, Si Yi’s fair and long fingers were working on his tie. From the side, he looked like a man from a painting whose charm and beauty was impeccable.

Even though Yun Jian had met plenty of handsome and charismatic men in her previous life, none of them could compare to this man in front of her, not even slightly. She was dazed for a few seconds.

"What’s the matter?" It was only when the man’s melodious voice rang that she broke out of her daze.

Si Yi studied the young petite girl who was now wearing the black lace gown and narrowed his eyes.

Each time he met eyes with Yun Jian, his sense of distance towards women would be quelled, as he was filled with the urge to go closer and closer to her.

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The first time it happened, Si Yi could not even believe it. He knew himself too well. He hated women.

From a young age, he felt nauseous whenever there were women around. If a woman had taken even half a step closer to him, he would feel extremely repulsed.

It was a strange fixation.

His difference toward Yun Jian, however, was felt just as deeply.

Yun Jian’s small frame kept appearing in his line of vision. The faint milky scent on her would linger on his nose, striking a different chord within him. That was why he could not help wanting to approach her and stay close, even doing something like holding her hand.

Therefore, when Si Yi saw Yun Jian’s smooth bared arms and her figure hugged by the lace gown that underlined her developing busts, he swallowed involuntarily.

"Let’s go," Yun Jian said and walked out directly.

The lingering fragrance of the girl slowly dissipated. There was a pausing beat from Si Yi before he followed with a large stride.


Banquet venue, thirty-ninth floor of Triangle Tower, New York, Country M.

A man in his forties, in an elevated nature with an extraordinary aura, held a wine glass as he engaged in a friendly chat with his peer while taking the center spotlight.

This elevated man was Si Chu, the master of the armaments family, Depot Leng, and without a doubt, Si Yi’s biological father.

Si Chu was currently talking in delight with the middle-aged man in front of him.

The latter chuckled suddenly and pointed at a pretty girl not too far away from them, telling Si Chu mysteriously, "That’s my daughter, Shi Laixiang. What do you think, Old Si? Hmm? Good enough to be the wife of your youngest son?"

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