The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 126 - His Mother Died. Making It Known

Chapter 126 - His Mother Died. Making It Known

Si Chu followed the middle-aged man’s gaze and saw a young girl either seventeen or eighteen years old. She was good looking and her charisma was considerably striking among the crowd.

Of course, as the chief of an armaments family, Si Chu did not actually mind what his future daughter-in-law looked like. His priority was a marriage of convenience between influential families and the connections it would bring.

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He nodded at the man and praised quite hypocritically, "Old Shi, your daughter is brilliant! Very charismatic!" This the best comment he could give. As Si Chu spoke, he patted the man’s shoulder.

Shi Yichuan was delighted at once. He leaned closer to Si Chu and grinned saying, "Then, Si Yi and my daughter’s nuptials..."

"Of course it’s set!" Si Chu laughed heartily and answered in an absolute tone.

Shi Yichuan chuckled and lowered his voice to ask Si Chu, "So... does Si Yi agree to this engagement?"

"He has no say in this! Humph! I’m his father. Won’t I be able to decide this triviality?" As if triggered, Si Chu huffed.

Speaking of his son, he was truly unable to keep him in check! In spite of it, he refused to give in before an outsider, so he naturally put up a front "I’m the father, I have the say".

Hearing Si Chu’s assurance, Shi Yichuan heaved a sigh of relief.

A man then came from the side to whisper to Si Chu. The latter reacted promptly as he pushed himself to Si Yichuan and said with a chortle, "My son’s here. Have your daughter over quickly! Let them meet!"

Gleeful, Shi Yichuan swiftly waved at his daughter, Shi Laixiang.

Shi Laixiang had been waiting for a long time. When she saw her father’s signal, she ran over in a flash, filled with delight and butterflies.

She had met Si Yi a year ago. It was love at first sight. The young man’s handsome face had never left her mind since then.

Although she had seen him from afar, she swore to marry him ever since that day!

Both the Shi Family and the Si Family had been dealing with armaments for generations. Both families were interlocked with profits. The elite families usually arranged marriages of convenience to further cement the trust between them.

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It was modern times now, but old traditions like this die hard.


The only elevator towards the side of the banquet venue opened its doors.

Shi Laixiang was tensed standing beside her father. She smoothed out a few strands of her hair too, afraid that to show any imperfection.

To once again meet the person who was always on her mind, one could only imagine how nervous she was.

The moment the elevator doors opened, everyone saw the flawless Si Yi... and the petite but equally perfect young girl beside him.

The girl’s lace gown outlined her small frame and highlighted her shapely figure. She was beautiful and exalted.

Standing beside each other, both of them looked like a match made in heaven. They matched each other infinitely.

Si Chu, Shi Yichuan, and Shi Laixiang were dumbfounded. It was not only the three of them, all the other guests were captivated by Si Yi and Yun Jian’s dazzling presence.

Si Yi held Yun Jian’s smaller hand and stepped out of the elevator, gracing everyone with their appearance.

Yun Jian realized that Si Yi had only taken a glance at the fast approaching man, Si Chu, and had stepped away holding her without making a sound.

"You brat, stand right there! What’s with the attitude? Not making a sound when you see your father? Where’s your upbringing! People might even think that you’re a bastard with no parents! Also, who’s the girl beside you?" Feeling that he was embarrassed, Si Chu’s tone toward Si Yi was furious.

Si Yi turned to look at Si Chu, tightening his grip on Yun Jian, and spoke incredibly coldly to the man, "My mom’s dead. That woman’s not my mother!"

Yun Jian could feel the iciness and immense solitude in Si Yi’s words.

Si Chu was shaking in anger by the time Si Yi finished speaking. Before he could retort, Si Yi tightened his grip on Yun Jian’s hand again and introduced the girl with a charismatic and brazen smile, "Also, she’s my woman. She’ll become my wife in the future too."

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