The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 127 - What Are You? An Enraged Si Chu

Chapter 127 - What Are You? An Enraged Si Chu

Yun Jian was shocked when she heard what Si Yi said.

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After scanning the vicinity and landing her gaze on Shi Laixiang, who looked upset and stood not far away from Si Chu, Yun Jian understood the situation.

The girl must be Si Yi’s arranged fiancée organized by his father...

The banquet was most probably prepared by Si Chu to announce Si Yi and Shi Laixiang’s engagement.

Securing mutual profits with marriages of convenience was not rare for elite families.

Yun Jian wore a small smile. It seemed that Si Yi was dissatisfied about an arranged marriage like this and was planning to use her as a cover.

Since Si Yi had been nice to her, she would of course help him.

"Nonsense! Such nonsense! It’s fine for you to throw your tantrum as usual, but are you trying to enrage me by coming here with a girl today?" Si Chu was jumping in fury when he heard his son.

Especially when Si Yi had mentioned that his mother was dead, it seemed that Si Chu’s sore spot was hit as he trembled angrily.

As the boss of Depot Leng, the armaments tycoon, he married Si Yi’s mother by force. He did this only to marry an armaments family’s rich daughter to expand Depot Leng’s influence, divorcing her soon after.

At the same time, Si Chu also forced Si Yi’s mother to stay by his side, ultimately causing her to fall into depression and commit suicide.

Today, Si Chu planned to utilize Si Yi’s marriage with the Shi Family to secure Depot Leng’s status, not expecting that Si Yi would react so viciously

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His son had actually found a girl to humiliate him, successfully infuriating Si Chu, the globally famous armaments tycoon.

"Brother Si Yi, you shouldn’t do this. Don’t anger uncle." Looking at Yun Jian and Si Yi’s entwined hands, Shi Laixiang clenched her fists so hard that her nails stabbed into her palms as she took the chance to become the peacemaker. She feigned familiarity with Si Yi and spoke to him cutely in a voice as soft as she could sound.

"What are you? Do my affairs have anything to do with you?" Si Yi side-eyed Shi Laixiang and said without regarding her pride.

Shi Laixiang had planned to mediate the situation after Si Chu spoke. This was to enhance her image in front of her future father-in-law and arouse Si Yi’s fondness after he saw her gentle side.

In spite of it, she had not expected Si Yi to disregard her entirely.

She was even more furious when she looked at Yun Jian who was standing beside Si Yi. In addition to the rejection of her subject of adoration, her eyes rimmed red instantly.

Si Chu felt like he was put to shame. He knew that he could not control this son of his, so he pointed a finger at Yun Jian and threatened with malice, "Which young miss are you? The Rong Family? The Wen, or the Fang? Whichever family you come from, get out instantly. Otherwise, your family will eternally vanish from the international scene under my command!"

The families that Si Chu had named were notable international veteran families. Obviously, he had thought that Yun Jian was a young miss from one of these clans.

Yun Jian was amused when she heard the man. With a squint, she fearlessly met Si Chu’s wrathful gaze and spoke before everyone, "I’m Yun’s young miss. Hmm... let me introduce myself, I’m Yun Jian from Country Z’s Longmen City. My mom’s a waitress in a hotel..."

Country Z’s Longmen City! A waitress in a hotel!

The guests caught the information in a flash while Si Chu felt his blood boiling.

He thought that the woman who his son brought along was at least a socialite from a notable family!

He was utterly disgraced!

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