The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 129 - The Forces. So Rude!

Chapter 129 - The Forces. So Rude!

Slaying God, who was the ace of all secret agents and ranked first internationally. Yun Jian, in her previous life, was indeed a secret agent who was trained by the world’s best underground assassination organization, the An Hun Group.

Due to her prodigious capabilities in her past life, the men under the An Hun Group could not keep a rein on her. Thus she, the Slaying God, became the only secret agent in history to have successfully left the An Hun Group.

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She made her assassin debut when she was twelve years old, left the An Hun Group when she was fourteen, and killed Gu Sha Mercenaries’ previous boss in the same year, replacing him and developing her own forces.

Secret agent Slaying God was, therefore, a legendary figure in the business.

To name someone who could be compared to top agent Slaying God, it would be the mastermind of An Hun.

An Hun’s mastermind was an enigmatic presence. No one had seen this mastermind, no one knew if it was a male or female, if they were young or old.

The only people who had met An Hun’s mastermind were the four commanders of the group.

Snow Eagle, right here, was one of them.

As for Gu Sha’s forces, there was no need to mention them.

An Hun Group and Gu Sha Mercenaries were the duopolies of the entire underground market!

Even when Si Chu was the chief of Depot Leng, a notable armaments entity, he still had to humble himself and lower his head when acquainting members from these two assassin organizations.

As mentioned, Si Chu felt his legs giving in when he saw the woman in the striking blue gown and the man with a huge scar on his neck.

His son, Si Yi, was the least of his concern currently, as he promptly made his way over to them. His smile was stiff but he plastered it on nonetheless. At the same time, his hand was outstretched for a friendly handshake.

"What rare presences! I’m so honored that both of you could attend tonight’s dinner..."

Si Chu had hosted this banquet to announce the engagement of his son and Shi Yichuan’s daughter, a marriage to join forces. He had never expected Gu Sha and An Hun members to appear, so he was incredibly flattered.

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Surprise, surprise, the woman in the blue dress stepped past Si Chu, ignoring his amiable gesture, and went toward Yun Jian to stand before her, calling out respectfully, "Sis Jian."

The woman in the blue gown was none other than Snake.Lizard who had changed out of her usual all-black ensemble to flaunt her sultry figure.

Snake.Lizard’s words incited a gasp from the guests.

Most of the attendees tonight were either tycoons, powerful politicians, or came from well-established families.

The most apparent symbol of a Gu Sha member was the skull marking on their wrist. It was a marking that outsiders could not imitate.

To have a Gu Sha member stand in front of her and reverently address her as "Sis Jian". How could this young girl, who declared that she had come from a small city in Country Z and that her mother was an average waitress in a hotel, be someone extraordinary?!

Si Yi who stood beside Yun Jian frowned.

Was she related to Gu Sha Mercenaries?

Yun Jian herself made a slight nod at Snake.Lizard. It was a surprise to her to meet the latter here as well.

Snake.Lizard had kept a low profile when she went to Longmen City previously. She covered herself up, thus not exposing the skull marking on her wrist.

As for today, she was donned in a sapphire evening dress that featured her alluring womanly lines in a captivating manner. The skull marking on her wrist that was bared earned the reverence of the guests’.

Nevertheless, this young girl before them was actually related to someone in Gu Sha Mercenaries? More crucially, the Gu Sha member who did not even give regard to Si Chu and had called her "Sis Jian" in respect!

What did this mean?

Si Chu felt a spasm coursing through him.

Shi Laixiang who witnessed how everyone focused their attention on Yun Jian was exasperated.

Gritting her teeth, her foolhardy voice rang as she asked her father, Shi Yichuan, "Dad, who are those two people? Uncle Si greeted them. How could they just ignore him? Isn’t that just so rude!"

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