The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 131 - Banquet Ends, Returning to Country Z

Chapter 131 - Banquet Ends, Returning to Country Z

Since when was he considered ’a thing’?

Si Yi’s bright dazzling eyes narrowed slightly as the corners of his lips curled up. For some reason, he reveled in Yun Jian’s words.

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Contrary to Si Yi, Si Chu, Shi Yichuan and Shi Laixiang grimaced.

Si Chu and Shi Yichuan had the intention to strengthen their bond with their children’s marriage, but Yun Jian’s words made them blanch. Shi Laixiang paled in a flash as she looked at Yun Jian again, she wanted to tear her into pieces.

Si Chu and Shi Yichuan knew very well that both their families would probably be removed from the global scene if they were to offend Gu Sha’s members.

Shi Yichuan was even more afraid of his beloved daughter causing unnecessary drama if he stayed here any longer, thus he left the banquet swiftly after making up an excuse.

"Cough, since you and Yi are truly in love, it’d be poor of me to separate you two." Si Chu attempted to ease the tension.

What happened today was beyond expectation, but an old sly fox like Si Chu could still minimize its negative impact toward himself as much as possible. In addition, no one could be certain if his son, Si Yi, would stay together with Yun Jian until the end!

It would not be too late for him to revisit the engagement after today anyway.

When she heard Si Chu say "truly in love", there was a throb in her eyelid, causing her to blink.


The banquet came to an end. Snake.Lizard left after attending the dinner as she still had matters to tend to.

Yun Jian walked side by side with Si Yi, suddenly poking the latter’s arm and winking playfully as she joked, "I’ve sacrificed my good name to help you just now. A thank you isn’t too much to ask for, right?"

Those familiar with Yun Jian knew that she seldomly joked around. This was a rare case that she was in the mood to tease Si Yi.

"I never thank people." Si Yi looked at Yun Jian in amus.e.m.e.nt before his gaze sobered with sharpness; his deep eyes shone under the streetlight. "But..."

He paused, scanning Yun Jian from head to toe. "I can devote myself to you."

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Yun Jian was stunned. She had never thought that the ever aloof Si Yi had a playful side to him.

Before she could entertain the thought more, a man in his twenties stepped out from the dark.

The long scar around the man’s neck left one with a powerful impression. It was Snow Eagle.

When Snow Eagle saw Yun Jian, there was a beat of delay from him. Despite that, he had still gone to greet Si Yi. "Young master."

Yun Jian was surprised, knowing that Snow Eagle was one of the four commanders of the An Hun Group, since she was a secret agent from the organization in her past life.

"He works for you?" Yun Jian put the question in her mind into words.

Si Yi did not hide the truth, replying, "Yes."

There was no other question from Yun Jian.

"There are no outsiders here. Speak forth," Si Yi uttered faintly with a sideways glance at Snow Eagle.

His words reflected that Yun Jian was not an outsider.

Nodding, Snow Eagle said, "Something’s up in the group."

Five words were all it took for Si Yi to understand the situation. He turned slightly to look at Yun Jian, giving her a view of his exquisite side profile, and said, "I don’t think I can go back to Longmen City with you. You can head back first."

For some reason, it felt like they actually shared some sort of relationship when Yun Jian listened to what he said.

With her cheeks heating up, she gave a slight nod.

Si Yi sent her off in his private jet, like a true gentleman before leaving with Snow Eagle.

The plane departed at once. The pilot was now more familiar with the return route, so the journey took only eight hours and they were already back in Country Z.

The dinner took two hours. Returning to Country Z, it was four in the evening.

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