The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 132 - Her First Disciple And A Conspired Scheme

Chapter 132 - Her First Disciple And A Conspired Scheme

Yun Jian got home in the evening at four on the dot. She picked up her school bag and returned to the school for the weekend evening self-study session.

During the break of the study session, Chen Xinyi turned around and patted her bulging bag, grinning while she said to Yun Jian, "Jian Jian, you mustn’t have brought any snacks, right? Doesn’t matter though, heh heh, I’ve stuffed my bag full of them. We can share them together tomorrow!"

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Yun Jian shooting Shiniji’s hands the other day had not frightened Chen Xinyi or caused her to distance herself. Instead, the latter had become closer to her.

Yun Jian gave her a small smile.

"Master, master!" The break had just begun but Zhang Shaofeng was already in front of Yun Jian’s desk, speaking passionately, "Master, you’ve got to teach me some skills this time! I’m ever ready!"

Truthfully, Yun Jian had never promised Zhang Shaofeng to teach him anything. It had always been the boy chasing after her to ask for lessons.

In spite of it, Yun Jian did not fend off Zhang Shaofeng’s request this time. Keeping her smile, she put on a stern expression. "You really want to learn from me?"

Hearing that Yun Jian was agreeing explicitly, Zhang Shaofeng nodded without a second thought. "Yes, definitely!"

He had answered so quickly it was as if he was afraid of Yun Jian regretting in the next second.

"Alright, I’ll teach you." Yun Jian blinked, no longer wearing any hint of a smile.

She, Slaying God, had never taken in a disciple whether it was her past life or the current one.

Zhang Shaofeng had been calling her master all this time, but she had never reacted to it formally.

Today, she wanted to make an exception.

There was a moment of silence from Yun Jian as a sense of belligerence slipped out of her. When she looked at Zhang Shaofeng, her tone was strict without an inkling of humor. "As my disciple, I’ll train you and make you an expert. Before it happens, you’re not allowed to complain no matter how tiring and torturous it is. You can only swallow whatever exhaustion and suffering you go through!"

"You can refuse now if you’re no longer up for it. If you quit halfway, I’ll let you find out how close you are to death."

Yun Jian’s briefing was not to crack a joke. She only wanted to announce a warning. – Once he entered the business, there was no way out; even if he was on the brink of death, he would have to finish himself.

Furthermore, as her disciple, he would have no right to stand on the same frontline as she did if he could not even take a little hardship.

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Slaying God would never take in an incapable weakling!

As Zhang Shaofeng listened to Yun Jian, his eyelids kept throbbing. He knew that Yun Jian was someone who wouldn’t go back on her word.

Nonetheless, he clenched his fists and told Yun Jian resolutely. "I can do it!"

"Good." Yun Jian smiled and told him, "I’ll see you in the field at four in the morning tomorrow then."

"Huh? Four?" Zhang Shaofeng was dumbstruck.

The sun had not even risen yet at four in the morning.

Yun Jian sent a glare to the boy, causing him to shut up immediately.

Chen Xinyi who watched from the side hid a snicker.

Before the break of dawn the next morning, Yun Jian trained Zhang Shaofeng in the field.

He had no foundation of an assassin but he was rather flexible, seemingly from his training in judo and taekwondo.

Yun Jian made him run around the field.

She was not training Zhang Shaofeng to become a professional fighter. She only wanted him to become someone who could defend himself and counter-kill an attacking enemy if he were to be pursued by an ace assassin.

After the drill in the morning, Zhang Shaofeng was thoroughly worn out but he kept his previous promise, not a word of grumble was heard.

Both of them left the field to go to the classroom only when it was ten minutes to six.

By 6:20 am, tour buses that the school had booked streamed into the school grounds.

After the teachers made sure that the kids were seated, the buses headed to the destination of their fall outing, the forest park.

Seated on the bus, Yun Jian could not help smiling when she saw the students’ youthful and excited gazes.

What she did not see, was Lu Rongrong who sat at the back of the bus wearing a wicked and scheming smirk.

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