The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 133 - Pop The Balloons? Easy Breezy

Chapter 133 - Pop The Balloons? Easy Breezy

The forest park was Longmen City’s most popular botanical venue.

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There were even professional gardeners hired by the park to take care of the plants. The park had several playgrounds as well, and a vacant plot of land for visitors to host a barbecue.

Be it spring or fall, tourists always poured in as long as the weather was cool.

When everyone hopped off the buses, the teachers allowed the students to roam free.

Chen Xinyi pulled Yun Jian along to go sightseeing, walking quite briskly. Zhang Shaofeng, who was behind them holding two heavy bags, ran to catch up with the girls and complained to Chen Xinyi, "Oh my god, Chen Xinyi, why is your bag so freaking heavy? Yet you have the heart to make me carry it for you!"

"Haha! Good weight training for you! I’m helping you to increase your physical ability! You should be thanking me!" Chen Xinyi stomped her foot and laughed heartily.

"Jian Jian, there’s a balloon popping game. If you shoot them all with that toy gun, you get to win a huge plushie! You have a great aim, let’s go play!" Chen Xinyi tugged Yun Jian there in ecstasy.

Zhang Shaofeng wiped his sweat. Carrying the two heavy bags, he bem.o.a.n.e.d his fate inwardly before gritting his teeth to chase after the girls.

The balloon popping game had only just started to become a popular game.

Some parks, tourist spots, or larger leisure venues also had such stalls set up.

Young boys loved toy guns and rifles. The balloon popping game was played by shooting the balloons with toy rifles. The bullets from the toy rifles were only the size of a small soybean. They were not actual bullets, so they were harmless. Even if one was shot by a soybean, there would be no danger.

Of course, there was a limited amount of bullets to shoot the balloons and win the prize.

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Upon paying the fee, one usually had fifteen shots. Prizes would be given according to the number of balloons popped from the fifteen bullets. If each of the fifteen bullets popped all the balloons, the player could win the grand prize, a huge plushie that was about a meter tall.

The owners of the game vendor had secretly tampered with the toy rifles. The bullets would thus shoot off course. Otherwise, the owners would be losing money if everyone could shoot the balloons.

"Mister, we want to have a go." Chen Xinyi said grinning after she paid, pulling Yun Jian to stand before the game arena.

The owner was a plump middle-aged man with a bald head. When he saw Chen Xinyi and Yun Jian coming to play, he rubbed his hands together and beamed widely.

Accepting the money, he was inwardly delighted while he said aloud, "Alright!"

Having started the business of this balloon popping game, he had earned the most from students like Chen Xinyi and Yun Jian.

He was gleeful, thinking that another two schoolgirls were here to send him money. It was impossible for girls like them to win any big prizes. He only needed to present a small prize to turn a profit.

As Yun Jian and Chen Xinyi were both naturally pretty, in addition to the company of Zhang Shaofeng, the popular guy in school, the game vendor gradually gained a spectating group of students.

"Jian Jian, you play!" Chen Xinyi passed the toy rifle to Yun Jian and pointed at a huge plushie in excitement whilst telling the latter, "Go, Jian Jian! I want that big plushie, it’s so cute!"

Yun Jian smiled. She accepted the rifle but before she could take aim, a taunting male voice cut her off. The owner of this voice spoke to Chen Xinyi.

"Xinyi, my lil sis, why didn’t you ask me to play if you want that plushie?"

When everyone’s eyes followed the voice, they saw a considerably tall and thin boy who was also good looking walk over. He stood in front of Chen Xinyi proudly. With a glance at the toy rifle in Yun Jian’s hands, he spoke once more to Chen Xinyi pompously, "Xinyi, have you forgotten that I’ve formally trained to shoot by a master? Not asking me for help but having another pretty girl attempt to win the plushie is a no-no!"

As he spoke, he took away Yun Jian’s toy rifle while muttering, "C’mon, let me teach you girls how to shoot. It’s just a plushie, it’s easy breezy!"

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