The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 134 - A Playboy And A Sharpshooter

Chapter 134 - A Playboy And A Sharpshooter

As the boy’s hand stretched to take the toy rifle in Yun Jian’s hands, the latter shuffled with a frown and avoided his hand.

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Not at all feeling awkward, the boy chuckled and scanned Yun Jian from head to toe. "Pretty girl, you won’t be able to shoot the balloons holding the gun this way. This big brother can teach you how to shoot, hmm?"

"Ling Yichen, stop it, will you? We were having fun on our own, can you just quit it!" Chen Xinyi could not help growling at the boy.

Ling Yichen was the son of Chen Xinyi’s father’s business partner. He was sort of her childhood friend. Despite that, Chen Xinyi disliked playing with him from a young age because of the boy’s conceited nature.

Ling Yichen was also a playboy of the school. Due to his good looks and wealthy family background, there were a lot of girls who admired him. As for the boy himself, he switched girlfriends more often than he swapped outfits. It was for these reasons that Chen Xinyi kept her distance.

"Ay, Xinyi, my lil sis, it’s the two of us here, don’t speak like we aren’t close to each other." Ling Yichen lived up to his reputation as a flirty playboy, easily turning the awkward situation around with just a few words.

In spite of it, Ling Yichen’s eyes lingered on Yun Jian in a thoughtful gaze while he spoke to Chen Xinyi.

Chen Xinyi was stunned for a moment before she was struck with a realization. Was Ling Yichen going to hit on Jian Jian?

She quickly pulled Yun Jian over and hid her behind herself, declaring to him, "Ling Yichen, don’t think that I don’t know what you’re thinking. Jian Jian is my friend, don’t you dare make an advance on her!"

"Exactly! Xinyi, I’m with you on this!" Zhang Shaofeng also gave his support.

It was rare that the cousins united for once.

The current atmosphere was odd.

Yun Jian blinked, looking at Chen Xinyi and Zhang Shaofeng who were guarding her like a treasure, and could not help cracking a grin.

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"Look at you, Xinyi, you’re speaking as if I’m some sort of thug. Do I look so bad to you?" Ling Yichen laughed, continuing to banter with Chen Xinyi with his rather unique mocking tone.

"You..." Just as Chen Xinyi was going to erupt, Yun Jian turned to stick her pretty face in front of her and asked, "Which plushie do you want?"

As she spoke, she played with the toy rifle in her hands.

It was only then that Chen Xinyi regained her rationale and sighed. She scoffed at Ling Yichen before turning to Yun Jian with a smile and pointed at a huge bunny plushie. "Jian Jian, I want that big bunny!"

"Okay." Yun Jian grinned with crescent eyes.

The crowd was repelled by Yun Jian’s confidence. Somebody even shouted out in discontent, "Do you think that you’ll get the big plushie just because you want it? That’s unless you shoot all fifteen balloons! Don’t talk as if you’re a sharpshooter. Be sure that you pop a balloon with each shot!"

The fierce voice came from Lu Rongrong who loathed Yun Jian.

Ling Yichen who saw Yun Jian ignoring her when she spoke was also disgruntled, but he had always been a patient one.

Seeing that Lu Rongrong was being rude to her, he swept his hair coolly and was going to heroically help Yun Jian. Though his ulterior motive was to change her impression of him in an instant.

However, he saw that Yun Jian was looking at Lu Rongrong with a smile and a slightly tipped chin. Her hand raised the toy rifle to shoot the balloons without her even glancing at the string that held them.

"Boom, boom, boom..."

The consecutive explosion of rows of balloons resonated in everyone’s ears, yet they saw the girl who was holding the toy rifle was not even looking at the balloons.

She had blindly shot the fifteen bullets, but all of them scored.

There was only one thought in everyone’s mind. She was a genius sharpshooter!

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