The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 135 - The Blind Sharpshooter. Uh Oh…

Chapter 135 - The Blind Sharpshooter. Uh Oh…

Even Chen Xinyi and Zhang Shaofeng who had previously witnessed Yun Jian’s marksmanship were baffled.

She was shooting blind but all fifteen bullets hit their targets!

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How familiar must one be with a gun to be able to achieve such a feat!

Furthermore, Yun Jian was only an ordinary student...

Everyone was quiet, especially Ling Yichen. He looked astounded, standing there frozen without moving a muscle. It was Lu Rongrong’s first time witnessing Yun Jian’s ability. She was so dumbfounded that her scheme was now long forgotten, as there was only shock and terror in her gaze.

"I’m sorry, I accidentally scored them all," Yun Jian said with a smile, not feeling the slightest bit awkward when she glanced at the bystanders.

Nonetheless, the audience who had been there from the start knew that Yun Jian’s words were directed to Lu Rongrong and Ling Yichen. Thus, the both of them could not help grimacing.

Zhang Shaofeng and Chen Xinyi hid their chuckles. The girl specifically gave Yun Jian a thumbs up, before asking for the large bunny plushie from the owner.

The owner pulled a long face, feeling indignant. However, he dared not play tricks to refuse Chen Xinyi the soft toy when there were so many people watching. If he went back on his word in front of the public, no one would come to his stall and play the game anymore. How could he make money then? Glowering, he reluctantly gave Chen Xinyi the huge bunny.

Carrying the large plushie, Chen Xinyi was overjoyed. She waved the soft toy at Ling Yichen and made a funny face at him.

By the end of this saga, Lu Rongrong had fled the scene quietly. However, she wore a menacing smile before she left. Once she thought about the mysterious woman, who she met last night, claimed that she would teach Yun Jian a lesson for her, she could not contain the glee she felt.

That mysterious woman said that as long as Lu Rongrong could find a way to bring Yun Jian to her, she had her ways to tackle Yun Jian. Lu Rongrong could not help the snicker within her.

’Hmph, Yun Jian, you made me do it!’

Lu Rongrong thought to herself with a sinister smirk. She had already figured out a plan.


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The forest park was located in the scenic area of a natural forest. The forest had been remodeled but the scenery in the park was all nature. It gave rise to a sense of raw ecology, brimming with fresh air wherever one stood and breathed.

After the balloon game, Yun Jian and friends sat on a quiet patch of lawn in the park.

The surrounding tree leaves and branches formed a shade, blocking the unforgiving sunlight of noontime.

Ling Yichen did not leave after the episode. Instead, he followed the rest of them shamelessly. The rest of the teenagers did not stop him, merely acting like he was not around.

After sitting down for a while, Chen Xinyi pried open a few bags of snacks. The salty snacks dried her mouth and having drunk too much water this morning, she felt the urge of nature’s call now.

"Jian Jian, I’m going to the washroom. Stay here! Watch the snacks. We can’t have pigs like Zhang Shaofeng and Ling Yichen eating the rest of our snacks!" Chen Xinyi pronounced her dominance over the snacks with arms on her h.i.p.s before running to the washroom.

Yun Jian could not help beaming while the two boys huffed.

Twenty-five minutes later, Chen Xinyi had yet to return from the washroom.

Yun Jian could not help frowning. The washroom was not far from where they were. Even if Chen Xinyi had gone for a number two, she should not have taken so long.

"Would Xinyi have fallen into the toilet! Haha!" Zhang Shaofeng joked, breaking the silence, as he discreetly stuffed his mouth full of ch.i.p.s.

"She wouldn’t." Yun Jian looked down. Suddenly, she got up to head toward the washroom.

"What’s wrong?" Noticing the change in Yun Jian, Zhang Shaofeng stopped joking as well.

Right at that moment, a girl came running and panting from the lawn.

It was a classmate of theirs who was usually reserved, but she was now running with all her might, arriving before Yun Jian and the boys in panic. She was terrified and timid, shouting, "Chen Xinyi, she’s – she’s... she got..."

The girl heaved, forcing herself to gulp in two mouthfuls of air before continuing. "She was captured by someone. A group of menacing people, they looked like gangsters. They were extremely threatening. I met Chen Xinyi in the washroom just before. When we left the washroom, that group of people rushed over and caught her..."

Shocked by what she witnessed, the girl began to sob.

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