The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 140 - Taking Who’s Mine, Do You Want War?

Chapter 140 - Taking Who’s Mine, Do You Want War?

Going through the clamoring, cigarette smoke-filled casino, the trio opened the backdoor and entered.

The people in the casino were engrossed in their games, further hyping up the surrounding atmosphere. No one cared for what Yun Jian and the boys were up to.

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Going through the backdoor, the noise softened considerably.

"Follow me closely from now on. Whatever happens, don’t leave my field of vision even if you’re just a step away." Yun Jian turned to instruct Zhang Shaofeng and Ling Yichen.

"Okay!" Both the boys nodded.

They did not know her reason in saying so, but they chose to believe her unconditionally after witnessing her adept skills and techniques.

The trio then walked across a dark unlit hallway. Zhang Shaofeng and Ling Yichen were completely on guard and even their breaths held, not daring to make any loud sounds. Never in their dreams would they imagine that they would be barging into gang territory.

It was always a pre-existing supposition that gang territories like this were the world’s scariest place, yet since the beginning, the girl who had led them forward did not show any hint of fear.

"We’re here." Yun Jian said, narrowing her eyes as she gave a small smile. As she spoke, she side-eyed the gap of a room in front where a warm light had escaped.

The boys choked a little while they did not say a word, as if agreeing to her.

Instead, Yun Jian stepped forth carelessly.

The room that spilled an orange illumination from its door gap was the office of Yuan Xuxiao, the mafia boss of Longmen City’s second gang.

The hallway was pitch black, the surrounding was sealed without any window, thus highlighting the warm light from this room clearly.

It was how Yun Jian deduced that the man was inside.

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Contrasting Zhang Shaofeng and Ling Yichen’s caution, she walked forward unheeding about the noises she made. Coming to face the door, she picked up her leg and kicked it open harshly.

She could not be sure earlier, but now she was certain that Chen Xinyi was caught because of her.

Their target was her.

Perhaps it was the incident of her younger brother being captured and killed in her past life, that Yun Jian abhorred the people who captured those she cared about to hold them against her.

She execrated being threatened, hating scoundrels who threatened her holding hostage people she cared about.


The force of Yun Jian’s kick had actually caused the door lock to fall off, the intensity of her kick plain in sight.

It was not just Zhang Shaofeng and Ling Yichen who shuddered at the scene, even the people inside the room were astonished.

There were three people in the room, the one standing in the middle, the middle-aged man in suit and leather shoes was the mafia boss of Nine Valleys Gang, Yuan Xuxiao.

When Yuan Xuxiao heard the lock of his door being kicked off, he jolted with goosebumps coursing through him.

The two men who stood on his left and right did not look any better.

Right as the three men stared unblinking at the girl who was barging in by kicking the door, she was blatantly analyzing Yuan Xuxiao with a sharp and deep gaze.

She called him by his full name with an audacious tone, "Yuan Xuxiao, you kidnapped my friend. Do you want to officially start a war against Gu Sha Mercenaries!"

Despite the light tone of the girl, her words caused the men to suck in a deep breath.

Was she from Gu Sha Mercenaries?!

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