The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 142 - The Truth Of The Kidnap And The Foreboding Of Her Wrath

Chapter 142 - The Truth Of The Kidnap And The Foreboding Of Her Wrath

Staring at the dagger that suddenly materialized in Yun Jian’s hand, everyone was confounded once more.

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Yuan Xuxiao specifically had his heart lurched to his throat. He wanted to push Yun Jian away but he held himself back ultimately, telling her in a shaky voice, "P – pal! This must be a misunderstanding! Xiaoyu is my younger sister. She just came back from studying in Country Y. How could she possibly have a grudge against you or your friend? It’s even more absurd for her to seize them. Can – can you drop the dagger first, ye – yeah?"

The woman was none other than Yuan Xuxiao’s biological younger sister, Yuan Xiaoyu.

As the mafia boss to Longmen City’s second biggest gang, Yuan Xuxiao whose stature was only second to Xu Zetian, was also a powerful person in the city. He had never actually caved in to someone like he was today.

Yun Jian was the first!

Somehow, Yuan Xuxiao sensed a feeling that the blade in her hand would ruthlessly cut his baby sister’s neck if he had angered Yun Jian.

Yuan Xuxiao was known for his decisiveness and cut-throat character in the mafia world, but his only weakness was his sister Yuan Xiaoyu.

Having lost his father when he was a young boy while his mother abandoned both of them when she remarried, his younger sister was his only family when life was tough back then.

When he saw Yun Jian’s dagger attach to Xiaoyu’s neck, he was shuddering with his heart jumping against his ribcage.

Yuan Xiaoyu did not expect Yun Jian to threaten her with a blade. Her legs were staggering as she barely kept herself up from the paralyzing panic.

"Are you talking or not?" Ignoring Yuan Xuxiao, Yun Jian pressed Yuan Xiaoyu further both in her questioning and the blade against the latter’s skin.

Yuan Xiaoyu could almost feel her pores against the iciness of the blade. She quivered and could not help crying out, "No, no, no, don’t kill me, sob... Don’t kill me! It’s not me, it’s not me! I didn’t do it on purpose..."

Zhang Shaofeng and Ling Yichen had thought that Yun Jian had made a mistake, but now all of their eyes were back on Yun Jian and the seemingly harmless Yuan Xiaoyu.

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"Xiaoyu, what did you say?" Yuan Xuxiao did not expect his younger sister to admit to the accusation. In his impression, his baby sister had always been a goody two shoes. It did not cross his mind that she would really kidnap someone from Yun Jian, so he stared at her in disbelief.

Yuan Xiaoyu pressed her lips together nervously. Shaking, she wailed abruptly.

Yun Jian narrowed her eyes and smirked. She put down the dagger and had her arms crossed in front of herself as she looked at Yuan Xiaoyu who was now squatted on the floor. "You wanted to look for me, Yun Jian, right?"

Hearing the name, Yuan Xiaoyu looked up promptly with an even paler face, nodding with a quiver.

Under Yuan Xuxiao’s mediation, Yuan Xiaoyu finally spoke the truth despite her reluctance.

Yuan Xiaoyu had no grudge against Yun Jian. The one who did was Shiniji, whose hands were capacitated by Yun Jian when he lost to her in the knock-out battle previously.

As Country Y’s national boxer, Shiniji’s future was destroyed when his hands were rendered useless. He was wrathful. Coincidentally, Shiniji’s younger sister was best friends and Yuan Xiaoyu roommate in Country Y’s Gaoya University.

Basically, Yuan Xiaoyu had utilized her elder brother’s gangster background to help Shiniji’s younger sister in locating Yun Jian in order to take her revenge.

Yun Jian was not an easy target, Yuan Xiaoyu had known this. Therefore, she used Yun Jian’s classmate who did not like the former, Lu Rongrong. She told her that she could teach Yun Jian a lesson, as long as she tricked her to leave the forest park.

Eventually, Lu Rongrong had not been able to trick Yun Jian to leave the forest park, Instead, she encountered Chen Xinyi, the friend who was the closest to Yun Jian, going to the washroom.

Lu Rongrong had Yuan Xiaoyu take Chen Xinyi away first, saying that Yun Jian would be subdued once they threatened her with Chen Xinyi as a hostage.

"Lu Rongrong." Yun Jian scoffed, a strong murderous intent oozing from the corner of her lips.

She was smiling but it lowered the temperature in the room.

Those who were familiar with her would have known that this was a foretelling sign of her fury.

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