The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 146 - Dead Meat. Assassin Wolf Blade

Chapter 146 - Dead Meat. Assassin Wolf Blade

The three males no longer doubted Yun Jian after her conclusions.

Honestly, whether it was her previous knowledge of reasoning or her adept skills, neither seemed they should belong to a young teenage girl.

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In spite of it, Yun Jian’s judgment had never erred.

Based solely on this point, the trio believed her unconditionally.

"Come if you believe me." Right as they pondered about it, Yun Jian said with a slight arch of the brow and a small smirk.

The trio nodded in unison.

Led by Yun Jian, the quad followed the deepest tire marks on the sandy gravel road until they had come to a corner factory house.


Shiniji, Shilaji, and Stone Cold Killer Wolf Blade, who they had hired, were all standing in the warehouse behind the factory.

Not too far away from them, Chen Xinyi who had black tape over her mouth was tied to a stool. She could only produce light hums as she tried to speak.

There was also a group of men standing beside Shiniji and Shilaji, most probably their lackeys.

"Why is that damned girl not here yet? Didn’t you say that you’ve sent someone to inform her?" Shiniji’s gaze was penetrating and venomous when he took a sideways glance at his younger sister.

He had no idea that Yun Jian was already here for him before she was informed.

"Brother, she won’t have just ignored the message right? After all, is it worth it to send yourself on a suicide mission for your friend?" Shilaji pointed at Chen Xinyi who was restrained with a slight frown.

Chen Xinyi widened her eyes and suddenly shook her head.

She had been here listening to their conversation and she had seen Shiniji in the earlier knock-out battle. She knew that they had kidnapped her to lure Yun Jian over, and she knew that Jian Jian would definitely be here for her. Nonetheless, she was afraid of something bad happening to a real friend who she had finally made.

"Boss, since that girl isn’t here yet, let us brothers have a go first?" A few foreigners standing beside Shiniji rubbed their hands together while they gazed at Chen Xinyi’s pretty face with a broad grin.

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A few of them had even pulled their pants o.b.s.c.e.n.ely.

"Go, go! Make it quick! As long as you don’t make a noise." Shiniji only wanted revenge on Yun Jian. He was resentful, so he was also unhappy with her friend, Chen Xinyi.

When the men heard what he said, they rubbed their hands together eagerly as they made their way toward the girl with salacious grins.

Chen Xinyi’s eyes bulged. She understood what these foreigners had been saying as they were speaking in Mandarin.

She shook her head forcefully, as this was the first time she felt so hopeless and terrified. At that moment, she even thought of dying there and then.

Before the men could even get close to her, however, the door was kicked away flying with a clank.

With the sturdy door hurled away, Yun Jian was the first to step inside. Her long narrow eyes scanned the space sharply and announced, "How dare you capture my friend – Shiniji, you’re dead meat!"

She had let Shiniji go during the ring fight previously because of Xu Zetian.

Today, she must not be blamed since Shiniji remained obstinate!

"Heh heh heh..." Shiniji was caught off guard for a split second when Yun Jian barged in but he wore a sinister smile immediately. He was not afraid of the girl at all.

"Mr. Wolf Blade, please kill her!" Shiniji turned to Wolf Blade and spoke in a respectful tone.

It was then that everyone shifted their gaze toward the man who was thin as a skeleton.

Yun Jian narrowed her eyes with her gaze directly zeroed in on the man.

Wolf Blade, Stone Cold Killer who ranked tenth in the assassin chart. This man had a sense of wildness like a wolf. He was scrawny but he was the best at ambush and assassination. Fighting one to one, Yun Jian who was ranked before him, might not even win against him.

"Shiniji, the person you want me to kill is this little girl? Are you underestimating me? I, Wolf Blade, rank top ten among the elite assassins of the world and you’re asking me to fight a girl!?" Wolf Blade looked at Yun Jian in disdain and sneered at Shiniji.

An assassin? Shiniji had actually hired a killer to overpower Yun Jian?

Hearing what Wolf Blade said, Zhang Shaofeng, Ling Yichen, and Yuan Xuxiao all paled at once.

Even when there was a gang leader like Yuan Xuxiao, he still could not help trembling when he heard the word assassin.

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