The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 147 - Unqualified. A Born King

Chapter 147 - Unqualified. A Born King

What caused them to blanch was not simply the fact that Wolf Blade was an assassin.

If he was only an average killer without proper training, they would not be as petrified. After all, Yun Jian was capable too. She had won against Shiniji with one single technique and could even snatch the pistol from him and capacitate both his hands after that.

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It was plain that Yun Jian was not an average girl too.

Nonetheless, Wolf Blade claimed to be the tenth elite in the assassin ranking.

Who among the top ten assassin and secret agent charts had not survived from bloodshed and bullets? These top twenty people, either one of them, could wreak havoc with just a stomp of their foot once they stepped out onto the battlefield.

Shiniji had actually hired Wolf Blade who was ranked tenth in the assassin chart! – For the sole reason of vengeance against Yun Jian!

Zhang Shaofeng and everyone else looked worriedly at Yun Jian. Their brows were pinched together in anxiety and fear.

In spite of it, Yun Jian did not look shocked after hearing Wolf Blade’s self-introduction. She was calm and composed.

Then, she arched her pretty brow and pointed a long finger at Wolf Blade, speaking up in distaste, "You’re the one who’s unqualified to fight me. Killing you is basically soiling my hands!"

Yun Jian’s words sounded like a suicide announcement to everyone in the warehouse.

A young girl like her dared provoke the internationally famed Stone Cold Killer, Wolf Blade!

"Tsk, tsk, you girl, are very interesting! You’re bold despite your young age! It’s a pity that you’re the one my client’s asked to kill, so today, you must die!" Wolf Blade studied Yun Jian once more as he spoke, cl.i.c.k.i.n.g his tongue with a sense of eeriness.

His gaze on Yun Jian felt like he was looking at a dead person.

If Wolf Blade had regarded Yun Jian as nothing but an average girl, he could not help scrutinizing the girl again more. He sensed a similar aura of an assassin’s identity from Yun Jian but he did not heed it.

After all, it was not like he would meet an assassin or a secret agent who was better than him internationally anywhere! In addition, this girl in front of him was only fifteen or sixteen years old!

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"You guys stay farther away." Yun Jian shook her wrist, waving at Zhang Shaofeng, Ling Yichen, and Yuan Xuxiao behind her.

The dominance that she exuded now made them submit to her voluntarily. The trio did not say anything as they acted as she instructed. In their mind, they had subconsciously pushed Yun Jian’s order to their top priority.

"Haha! Interesting, interesting!" Wolf Blade chuckled darkly, uttering chilling words in an incredibly casual tone as he walked toward Yun Jian, "I haven’t met someone as exciting as you in a long time, little girl. I’d really like to dig your brain out to see what fun stuff that entertaining head of yours contains!"

Before everyone in the warehouse responded to his words, Wolf Blade had sprinted toward Yun Jian with his hand outstretched. The fingers of both his hands were positioned downward as he charged toward Yun Jian.

The fingernails were surprisingly five centimeters long, the pair of gaunt hands making him look like a ghost from hell.

Those watching in the warehouse could not help quivering.

Attacking and killing as they wished... As an assassin, he could stab a knife into your stomach when he was smiling jovially just a second ago. Assassins could risk anything to complete their missions, including their lives. Hence, their existence birthed fear from countless magnates, politicians, and international mafias.

The five-centimeter long fingernails looked like they were going to penetrate Yun Jian’s heart in the next second.

The spectators watched in apprehension but Yun Jian, the protagonist of the scene, remained unmoved.

She stood her ground and began to recite instead, "Wolf Blade, entered An Hun Group at the age of three, grabbed a knife and killed at the age of eight, his debut mission at the age of fourteen, turned famous for the assassination of Country C’s Prime Minister at the age of eighteen. Twenty-five years old this year, ranked top ten in the international assassin ranking, best in secret killing and ambush."

"With a portfolio like this, what right do you have to fight me!"

Each of Yun Jian’s words stunned Wolf Blade.

This girl was so familiar with his identity!

The rest of the people in the warehouse looked aghast at Yun Jian as well.

How could she know the assassin chart so well... It was like she was the king of this field...

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