The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 150 - The Special Forces. Beating Up Lu Rongrong

Chapter 150 - The Special Forces. Beating Up Lu Rongrong

Yun Jian had called Zhang Shaofeng and Ling Yichen over to help Chen Xinyi, because she had no remaining energy to help the girl herself.

It was just one strike that took mere seconds for Yun Jian to kill Wolf Blade, but the singular move had nearly depleted all of her strength.

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It was true that between professionals one move was all it took to decide the victory, but Yun Jian also knew that if she had not knocked Wolf Blade out in one move, the physical strength of this current body would not be able to support her to defeat Wolf Blade.

The man was top tenth in the assassin ranking after all, he was not an amateur.

Furthermore, the physical strength of this body was not even one-tenth of hers in the previous life. Yun Jian could only win with an absolute strike.

Wolf Blade had lost because his best technique was not as fast, as precise or as ruthless as Yun Jian’s.

Moreover, Yun Jian had used all her energy up. She did not show signs of fatigue but she knew about her body well enough.

"Beep, beep, beep..."

The approaching police siren could be heard from the entrance.

Ling Yichen had called the police just now, so their arrival was expected.

In spite of it, the addition of two fresh corpses on the ground was not something that was previously mentioned to them.

"Don’t worry, leave it to me. I’m familiar with the guys in the station," Yuan Xuxiao offered himself and said while looking at Yun Jian.

It was when Yun Jian looked away slightly and hummed a sound of agreement that Yuan Xuxiao released a breath of relief.

He was afraid that Yun Jian would not forgive his baby sister, Yuan Xiaoyu, for what she had done. However, hearing her hum of acknowledgment, the pressure within him dissolved instantly.

Yuan Xuxiao was a gang leader. He was naturally familiar with the police and they shared some connections too.

Ultimately, the incident was censored by Yuan Xuxiao. With his connections, the fact that Yun Jian had killed two people was not disclosed.

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Actually, the police were exceptionally delighted when they collected the corpses.

Wolf Blade was a globally ranked assassin. At the same time, he was a global Level S wanted criminal.

The outcome of this incident had directly eliminated one of the wanted criminals whom the international police had constantly been pursuing.

In a way, the police here had received a large merit.

When the leader of the special forces, Ge Junjian, received news that Wolf Blade was killed in Longmen City, he wanted to investigate at once who had killed the notoriously skilled and sly Wolf Blade.

Ge Junjian was the leader of the country’s special forces. He was ranked highly, so there were not many people or events that could attract his attention.

Nevertheless, the fact that Wolf Blade was killed in Longmen City had thoroughly gripped his interest.

Hence, Ge Junjian conducted a comprehensive search in secret and had even utilized the police forces, covering an extensive search to find the killer.

Yun Jian, of course, had no idea that she had caused a huge wave upon the police.

They were rushing back to the forest park, racing against time to make it back to the school’s returning bus.

Yun Jian did not see Lu Rongrong on the bus. Their class was separated into two batches and was arranged to board different buses.

Once they arrived back at the school, Yun Jian waited for the other bus. Dragging Lu Rongrong down the vehicle and taught her a memorable lesson in front of the whole school.

A normal chastise was futile for someone like Lu Rongrong.

Yun Jian had bolted up the bus to pull the girl down. Once she did, she slapped her continuously while scorning, "You know what you did. If you dare do anything like that the next time, I’ll have you dead, without a burial place too!"

A slap for each word, Lu Rongrong was beaten up wailing until she passed out with swollen cheeks. It was only then that Yun Jian left.

For some reason, Yun Jian’s dominance inhibited the teachers to pull the girls apart. They had only reacted when Yun Jian left after beating up Lu Rongrong.

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