The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 151 - Going Back To Xinjiang Town And A BunChapter of Relatives

Chapter 151 - Going Back To Xinjiang Town And A BunChapter of Relatives

The incident of Yun Jian beating up Lu Rongrong in public took over the school by storm but the topic of discussion, Yun Jian, was already in the classroom behaving as she should.

She spent the following days in peace.

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The only difference was Ling Yichen, similar to Zhang Shaofeng, had followed Yun Jian like a shadow every time class was dismissed asking her to become his master.

Each time Zhang Shaofeng saw Ling Yichen who withdrew his playboy character in admiration for Yun Jian, he would point at Yun Jian and aggressively proclaim his right, "This is my master! Ling Yichen, don’t even think about asking my master to take you as a disciple!"

After that, Zhang Shaofeng would go to Yun Jian with a wide grin and begin to chat.

Chen Xinyi was back to her old bubbly self as well, having recovered from the shock and terror of the other day.

Around this time, Yun Jian received news from Zhang Zhifan that the renovation of the shop had started and one-third of the area was already completed. He believed that the works would be done within two months.

Yun Jian smiled at the update. Once the renovation was completed, she could begin the company’s operation. She was confident to make New Cruise Automobile a household name and prosperous business in one year’s time!

Snake.Lizard had informed Yun Jian that she would not be able to return to Longmen City soon. However, she had already asked for someone to send Yun Jian’s favorite car, the powerful limited edition Ferrari LaFerrari, to Longmen City.

The corners of Yun Jian’s lips curled even higher when she received the second update.

Yun Jian was not only a secret agent. She was also a luxury car enthusiast, passionate about sports cars and supercars across the world. In her past life, she collected plenty of limited edition luxury cars but among all, she liked the LaFerrari the most.

Snake.Lizard had always been meticulous, evident as she remembered to send Yun Jian her favorite car this time. This pleased the latter.


Peace did not last long as Qin Yirou received news on the weekend that her mother, Yun Jian’s grandmother, had fallen ill and asked for Qin Yirou to go back for a visit.

Qin Yirou had left the Yun Family but that did not mean that she could abandon her own mother and truly become an unfilial daughter who would not even return to her own home.

Hence, Qin Yirou took public transport with her remaining one hundred Chinese yuan salary, after deducting necessary expenses, to return to Xinjiang Town.

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In Yun Jian’s memory, people from Qin Yirou’s family were not the kindest.

In addition, Yun Gang could possibly have already returned to Xinjiang Town.

Afraid that Yun Gang would seek trouble with Qin Yirou and the latter not having any support, Yun Jian insisted to go back with the woman.

Qin Yirou knew what her daughter was thinking. She did not plan to disappoint her thoughtfulness as well, so she took her along the trip.

Qin Yirou’s birth family was also in Xinjiang Town but the town was huge, her birth house and Yun Gang’s house were some distance away.

It was a three-story brick house with three suites. To be able to build a house like this during this era, the family was considered doing one of the best, if not the best, in town.

Honestly, the family of Yun Jian’s grandmother was not poor.

It was because Qin Yirou’s eldest sister, Qin Junlan, was doing well and would frequently help out her younger brother’s family who stayed together with Yun Jian’s grandparents.

Qin Yirou’s mother had five children. One died early, so the eldest one currently was Qin Junlan, then her son, Qin Laiqian, followed by herself. As for her youngest daughter, Yun Jian’s youngest aunt, Qin Fangfang, she would only be back for visits during Lunar New Year.

Qin Yirou knocked and opened the door to the house, stunned when she saw everyone sitting inside. Her shock was due to the person sitting at the main seat, her mother who was said to be ill and wanted her back for a visit.

Yun Jian narrowed her eyes, taking in the two people standing in hostility beside her grandmother. – Qin Junlan and Zhang Tiejun.

Zhang Tiejun wore a scowl.

Yun Jian was then struck with a realization.

She had been wondering why her grandmother, who had never liked her mother, had suddenly called her back to visit her.

"Mom, are you alright?" Qin Yirou broke out of her daze and pulled Yun Jian in, asking the most crucial question since she was concerned for her mother.

The seated old woman frowned deeply and suddenly slapped the table, speaking to Qin Yirou fiercely, "Am I alright? How am I alright? Tell me, what did Yun Jian do!"

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