The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 152 - Ridiculous Reason. Unfilial Descendants!

Chapter 152 - Ridiculous Reason. Unfilial Descendants!

"Mom, you aren’t sick?" Qin Yirou blurted out in surprise when she saw her mother, Zhang Meihua, sitting on the chair and pointing at her robustly, not paying attention to the latter’s question.

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After all, Zhang Meihua had asked Qin Yirou to come back this time saying that she was bedridden with illness.

"Sick? You unfilial daughter, you really want me to die early? Useless girl! You didn’t even ask our opinion back home when you wanted to divorce Yun Gang! If Tiejun hadn’t met Yun Jian in Longmen City, would you not be coming back at all?! If I didn’t pretend to be sick and asked you home, would you have forgotten about your mother?!"

Zhang Meihua slapped the table harshly as she spat accusations in fervor.

Truthfully, Zhang Meihua had always hated this daughter of hers, Qin Yirou.

She had high hopes for her son, Qin Laiqian. When she had named the boy as a baby, she had titled him with the hopes of money coming (Laiqian literally means come, money.), wishing that he would earn buckets in the future.

Even when Qin Laiqian was a pushover as an a.d.u.l.t, Zhang Meihua still regarded him highly.

In the old woman’s values, she prioritized sons over daughters and wealth over poverty.

Qin Yirou did not marry a good husband. She had only a pair of working hands, yet she had to take care of two children, barely making ends meet. This caused Zhang Meihua to dislike her further.

In fact, Zhang Meihua had long known that Qin Yirou was planning to break up and leave the Yun Family.

She did not say a thing nor did she ask.

Furthermore, she was scared of Qin Yirou bringing her two children and coming back to her birth family to insist they stay with her.

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Zhang Meihua had even wondered why she had given birth to this stupid daughter back then. If she had known that her daughter was useless, she should have taken prevention before it was too late.

As for the reason she pretended to be sick and asked Qin Yirou home, it was because Zhang Tiejun had said that he met Yun Jian in the auction. Moreover, the latter had bid for a shop with around ten million Chinese yuan.

Ten million!

Zhang Meihua had never seen this much money her entire life. Putting aside where Yun Jian got her money from, she actually spent it all on a lousy shop lot! Zhang Meihua was infuriated when she heard the news, especially when she heard from Zhang Tiejun that the girl even knew Mayor Gu.

It was fine that she knew Mayor Gu. Zhang Tiejun was Yun Jian’s uncle. Not only did she not sing praises about him in front of Mayor Gu, but had indirectly instigated the mayor to distance himself from Zhang Tiejun!

Zhang Meihua who heard the ’insider story’ felt her blood boiling at once, immediately pretending to be sick and asking for Qin Yirou to be back.

Reprimanded for no reason, Qin Yirou bit her lips through the scolding and finally said weakly, "Mom, it’s my bad. But this has nothing to do with Xiao Jian. She..."

"Nothing to do?! Have some conscience. How does your elder sister’s family treat you? You suffered and starved at home. It’s your sister who loaned you money to get by!"

"But look now, your daughter Yun Jian, she went to the auction alone – god knows where she got over ten million from – that’s ten million! Just for a shop?"

"Also, Yun Jian knows Mayor Gu. The credit is hers for befriending Mayor Gu, but how did she repay your elder sister? Tiejun has a favor to ask from Mayor Gu and what did your daughter do?! She incited Mayor Gu to ignore Tiejun!"

"Oh my, oh my, why does the Qin Family have unfilial descendants like you two! What did I do wrong huh!"

The more Zhang Meihua spoke, the more heated up she got, sounding incredibly self-righteous as if she had been utterly wronged.

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