The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 153 - Why Should I Help Shabby Relatives?

Chapter 153 - Why Should I Help Shabby Relatives?

As Qin Yirou heard what Zhang Meihua rage, she grew more astonished until her eyes were wide like saucers in the end.

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She glanced at Yun Jian and argued for her daughter in a stutter. "This – uh... Mom! How could Xiao Jian possibly have over ten million Chinese yuan! And she doesn’t know any Mayor Gu... There must be a misunderstanding..."

"Could your brother-in-law be making things up!" Zhang Meihua cut her off in a huff and a glare.

Zhang Tiejun who had been staring at Yun Jian for a long time finally spoke up. His tone was grim and slightly worried. "Yirou, could I be spewing nonsense? Xiao Jian is right here. What happened that day was clear as day. Ask her if you don’t believe it!"

After Zhang Tiejun was ignored that day, he had already thought of a bunch of methods.

His plan must not go in vain! If the project application was not approved by Mayor Gu, he would not be able to turnover his modal later on! There would only be one consequence from this. The factory that he and his friend had partnered to set up would face the risk of bankruptcy!

Hence, Zhang Tiejun thought of an excellent idea. He came back to the town right away to snitch everything about Yun Jian to Zhang Meihua.

Zhang Meihua would naturally take charge of the matter for him. Yun Jian’s mother, Qin Yirou, was Zhang Meihua’s daughter after all. How could she dare not listen to her? As long as Qin Yirou rebuked Yun Jian, then she would definitely help.

Zhang Tiejun’s ultimate goal was for Yun Jian to persuade Mayor Gu and have the latter sign and stamp his project application. That was all.

Seeing that everyone had shifted their gaze to watch her, Yun Jian was amused.

How could she not see through Zhang Tiejun and Zhang Meihua’s plan?

However, Yun Jian was unfazed. Faced in a situation like this, only a simple solution was required.

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She looked back at everyone coldly with a small smirk. "It’s true, I know Mayor Gu."

Taking a slight pause, Yun Jian restrained herself. Side-eyeing everyone and finally looking at Qin Yirou, she explained in a smooth lie, "I bought the shop for Mayor Gu. The money’s his too. It wasn’t convenient for him to step in, so I stepped up to help him bid on the shop lot."

Zhang Meihua’s attitude at Yun Jian decreased in warmth when she heard the girl. She had thought that the money was Yun Jian’s. If that was the case, no matter where the money came from, it was only logical and acceptable that Yun Jian offered her some in a gesture of filial piety since she was her grandmother!

If Yun Jian was truly wealthy, Zhang Meihua’s attitude toward her would be significantly better in the future.

In spite of it, everyone believed Yun Jian when they listened to her. After all, how could a student like her possibly have over ten million yuan!

Zhang Meihua refused to back down, however. Even if Yun Jian had no money, she knew Mayor Gu!

Therefore, she pointed at Yun Jian at an instant and ordered in a condescending tone, "Since you know Mayor Gu, how could you set your uncle up! Your uncle and his family have been nothing but nice to your entire family! Since the air is cleared, contact Mayor Gu now to help your uncle. Then we’ll let this pass."

Zhang Meihua sounded like Yun Jian had done something wrong and she was required to compensate for her mistakes. It tickled Yun Jian.

Her explanation just now was only spoken for Qin Yirou’s sake. Had they all thought that this explanation was directed at them?

"Why should I help you? Is it because her birth family kept quiet when they already knew that she was leaving the Yun Family and had nowhere to go to? Disregarding her for life or death? Or because you guys came to the hospital to dun debt when she was injured, afraid that she couldn’t afford to repay?"

Yun Jian narrowed her eyes as she recited their shabby actions word by word. At the same time, her vibe changed suddenly, a chilling air sweeping over everyone.

A murderous intent was unleashed...

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