The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 156 - Last Warning. Feels Like A Rebirth

Chapter 156 - Last Warning. Feels Like A Rebirth

"Tsk, tsk..." Yun Jian clicked her tongue with one hand stroking her chin as she saw the aftermath.

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Her objective was only to give them a scare so that they dared not seek troubles with Qin Yirou in the future. She had not expected Zhang Meihua who usually appeared aggressive and bold to actually wet herself when she was only playing a small trick on them. There really is truth in saying... one must not judge a book by its cover.

"I’m making this clear now. If there’s a second time to what happened today," Yun Jian said and paused, side-eyeing the people frozen in shock, before she continued, "A second time and this knife will penetrate your head. I, Yun Jian, keep my word. If you don’t believe it, clean your head first and wait for me!"

Yun Jian realized that ever since her rebirth, she had done a lot of threatening and scaring. If this ordeal was to be resolved by her in her previous life, these people would have become corpses a long time ago.

Nonetheless, she had a different identity now, a different situation. More importantly, she had a mother and an elder brother. Also, it was a crime to kill in this lawful society.

Her character was slowly changing but Yun Jian was not yet aware of it.

After her final warning, Yun Jian walked over and tipped toes to pull up the small knife above Zhang Meihua from the wall. Keeping it, she then turned around to Qin Yirou, held her hand and walked out.

She did not want to stay even a second longer here. Qin Yirou must have felt the same.

No one in the house dared to make a sound regarding Yun Jian’s actions.

It was until they watched Yun Jian leave with Qin Yirou without even blinking that Zhang Meihua plopped down on the floor like a deflated balloon.

When they were some distance away from the Qin’s family house, Qin Yirou’s tears streamed uncontrollably as her body shook silently in her sobs.

Yun Jian did not know how to comfort the woman. She placed her hand on Qin Yirou’s back to lightly pat her. When she thought that Qin Yirou would be quiet for a long time, the latter suddenly spoke. With closed eyes like she had made some sort of decision, her sigh was laced with anguish as she said, "Xiao Jian, mommy would like to go somewhere."

She did not mention a word about Yun Jian’s bizarre skill, which actually served to relieve the latter.

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Xinjiang Town, Wuyi Mountain.

Wuyi Mountian was a regular mountain located nearby Xinjiang Town.

It was surrounded by farmland but there was an area that was a cemetery to bury the late generation.

Yun Jian’s grandfather, Qin Youfu, was buried here.

When she was still in Xinjiang Town, Qin Yirou would come here alone from time to time. She would pay respect to her father who had been the best to her before he passed away. She would pull away the weeds at his grave, keep it neat so that others would not mistake it as a grave that no one cared for.

Alive or dead, it felt like fleeting clouds to Qin Yirou. In a blink of an eye, her father had left this world for so many years. She was not able to recover until now.

"Xiao Jian, this is your grandfather." Qin Yirou stared at the black and white photo of the old man on the tombstone tearfully and told Yun Jian.

When Yun Jian followed her gaze, she took in the thin and kind old man in the uncolored photo. She knew that Qin Yirou missed her father. She had received too little familial love. Her husband’s betrayal and infidelity, her family’s partiality and dissatisfaction... the only one who had been the best to her, her father, had also passed away early.

In the past, the original owner of this body was insensible. She was docile but she had never understood Qin Yirou’s sufferings.

Qin Yirou could only weather it herself.

Yun Jian walked over and gently laid Qin Yirou’s head against her shoulder, patting her shoulder. She said softly and gently, "Mom, we’ll live a better life, much better than everyone else. Grandpa will be happy when he sees that from the heavens."

Qin Yirou’s tears fell pitter patter on Yun Jian’s shoulder when she heard her. Biting her lips and nodding, she felt warmed and grieved. She was unable to describe her feelings.

Those who were alive should always live a good life, Yun Jian did not know why she would say something like this. She also did not know that it was her words that rekindled Qin Yirou’s hope for life.

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