The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 157 - Si Yi’s Letter. A Study Trip Abroad

Chapter 157 - Si Yi’s Letter. A Study Trip Abroad

Before they returned to Longmen City after leaving Wuyi Mountain, Yun Jian also went to Lu Feiyan’s house.

Returning to Xinjiang Town was unexpected but since she was back, she went to visit Lu Feiyan as well. However, she had only spent a short time with her before she boarded the bus to return to Longmen City.

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When Li Xiangyi, Wu Kui, Wen Rui, and the rest from the basketball team received news that Yun Jian was back in Xinjiang Town, all of them rushed to Lu Feiyan’s house, abandoning their ongoing basketball match.

It was a pity that Yun Jian had already gone back to Longmen City by then.

Spending the weekend at home, Yun Jian was ready to go back to school. While carrying her backpack on Sunday afternoon, she saw a tall muscular man standing before her right as she exited the villa.

The man stood on his side, his side profile was quite feminine but there was a hint of gentlemanly nature in his eyes.

Yun Jian recognized that the person was Si Yi’s subordinate, the collected and mature man, Mo Sen.

Speaking of Si Yi, Yun Jian had never seen him since he left for an emergency after they attended the banquet in Country M. This caused her to be taken aback when she saw Si Yi’s subordinate but she had still walked over.

"Miss Yun," Mo Sen called out politely with a reverent expression on his charming face.

"Mm." Yun Jian turned to look at him holding on to her bag and wore a small smile. "What is it?"

"Young master has asked me to hand this to you." Without much explanation, Mo Sen retrieved a letter and passed it to Yun Jian.

With eyes looking down, he continued after Yun Jian took the letter. "Young master said that you’ll understand after seeing this."

Mo Sen took two steps back and turned to leave after that. He was only here to send the letter.

Astonished, Yun Jian’s fair and long fingers pried the envelope open quickly and fished out the enclosed note. When she scanned the words with her eyes were cast down but the corners of her lips suddenly curled up.

The old folks in the Gu Sha Mercenaries could not hold themselves back anymore and had even stretched their claws to the An Hun Group.

In spite of it, Yun Jian did not know why Si Yi was disclosing to her the news of the old folks wanting to work with An Hun Group. Could he have noticed a clue about her being the boss of Gu Sha Mercenaries?

Yun Jian was basically certain of Si Yi’s identity now.

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Who else could Si Yi be, if not the leader of An Hun Group, when he had one of the four commanders of An Hun Group, Snow Eagle, as his subordinate?

Yun Jian was not startled by the revelation because she was a secret agent trained by An Hun Group herself. She knew the organization to a certain degree.

For example, the leader of An Hun was very young and was a male. She had always known this fact, although she did not know who it was in particular.

Other than that, she was unable to trace any other information even in her past life.

She just did not expect Si Yi to actually be An Hun’s boss!

It was obvious that from the moment Si Yi had admitted Snow Eagle as his subordinate in front of Yun Jian, he was not planning to keep his identity a secret from Yun Jian.

This confused the girl.


Returning to the school for the weekend self-study session, a girl ran in frantically from outside of the classroom once Yun Jian had just placed her bag on her desk.

It was none other than the carefree and cheery Chen Xinyi.

Since the kidnapping, she had fully recovered from the scare and shock.

Sprinting her way to Yun Jian, she showed her a form whilst laughing. "Heh heh heh, Jian Jian, do you know? I heard from the English teacher in her office that part of Di Yi Senior High School’s top students will be sent to a college abroad as exchange students for a week."

"Our school has five spots and all of them are allocated to our grade. I was picked and with your result, you’re already a finalized candidate!"

"This means that we get to go on a study trip abroad together!"

Chen Xinyi shook Yun Jian’s arm in excitement and joy.

Being the English class representative, Chen Xinyi’s academic results were excellent but of course, there were a lot of students with better results than her. It was just that her English was better, so it came as a surprise to her that she got to be chosen.

Yun Jian was indifferent about the news but she could not help arching her brow when she heard that students from Di Yi Senior High School were also going.

Her elder brother would be going too then?

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