The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 159 - Testing Her. Is This Assaulting The Police?

Chapter 159 - Testing Her. Is This Assaulting The Police?

Ge Junjian knew Yun Jian but the latter did not know him. When his gaze landed on Yun Jian, the latter furrowed her brows.

Standing beside Ge Junjian was their homeroom teacher, Miss Yu.

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When Ge Junjian saw Yun Jian, he knew that she was who he had been looking for. He had seen her photograph, she was a young lady looking pretty and docile.

Therefore, he strode to Yun Jian.

"Are you Yun Jian?" Ge Junjian’s happy voice was laced with a sense of nervousness.

Not only was he a militant and the leader of the national Special Forces, but he was also a scout who searched for youths with the potential to become the Special Forces.

The Special Forces, usually called secret agents, held a different meaning from the underground secret agent identity of Yun Jian’s previous life. The secret agents mentioned here served the nation. Not everyone could become one as it sometimes required amazing talent.

Therefore, Ge Junjian would recruit youths into training whenever he met a potential candidate who was agile and quick.

From the fact that Yun Jian had killed the internationally renowned Stone Cold Killer, Wolf Blade, she must be a powerful presence! At least, Ge Junjian who was the leader of the country’s Advanced Special Forces could not even have done it!

He planned to recruit the girl.

"I am." Yun Jian squinted and met eyes with Miss Yu before looking at Ge Junjian.

When Ge Junjian heard Yun Jian’s answer, he was delighted. Blinking, he then asked her, "Have you appeared at the factory site on the outskirts in the past few days?"

The location was where Yun Jian had killed Wolf Blade.

It was inappropriate for Ge Junjian to directly ask Yun Jian if she had killed Wolf Blade in front of the girl’s teacher. He was also indirectly testing Yun Jian.

Looking up, Yun Jian was accustomed to not answering questions like this, despite not knowing why Ge Junjian asked. "No."

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She had always lied with a straight face, it was so deceptive that even Ge Junjian who was proficient in observing people could not see through her.

Could he have found the wrong person? Was she not the girl who had killed Wolf Blade? Ge Junjian frowned and stayed quiet for a beat, an apparent wash of disappointment masking his face.

"Sorry, looks like I’ve gotten the wrong person." Ge Junjian lowered his gaze and turned to leave the office.

The teachers watched in confusion, including Miss Yu.

When Ge Junjian came, he had shown them his police investigation permit. In addition to his question just now, could Yun Jian have been involved in something bad? Did she commit anything wrong that the police had to arrest her?

If something like this happened, it was not good for the school!

Before the teachers were carried away with their thoughts, Ge Junjian who had already taken two steps toward the office door brushing past Yun Jian had clenched his fist in a flash and hurled it toward Yun Jian.

The teachers screamed from the shock.

The sudden punch was powerful. Was he planning to beat thin and frail Yun Jian up into a pulp?

The teachers could already imagine the tragedy while Miss Yu’s heart lurched.

Yun Jian was her student. If anything happened to the girl in school, she would have to take responsibility!

When everyone was certain that Ge Junjian must have gone crazy for suddenly ambushing Yun Jian with a forceful punch, they were certain that Yun Jian would absolutely succ.u.mb without the ability to defend herself. Instead, Yun Jian’s gaze turned piercing as she easily caught Ge Junjian’s fist and kicked the man to the floor with one leg. Locking the man’s arm with one hand, she tackled Ge Junjian to the floor in the standard position of a police arrest.

Her action drained the color of the teachers’ faces.

To the academic faculty, students who were better in learning and studying would have bright futures. Some of the teachers even liked assuming superiority, simply asking a student to fetch them a book if they had forgotten to bring it to class. No student dared to disobey, as the teacher would otherwise hold prejudice.

These teachers had never seen such an abrupt and violent scene, especially when Yun Jian had overpowered the robust Ge Junjian with just one hand. They were suddenly anxious.

Was Yun Jian considered to have assaulted the police? Oh no!

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