The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 160 - An Invitation. I Agree

Chapter 160 - An Invitation. I Agree

Just as the teachers thought that Ge Junjian would explode in rage, they heard a burst of low hearty laughter from the man. "Hahaha! Good, wonderful!"

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Ge Junjian retracted his arm, Yun Jian did not intentionally stop him, as he stood up and laughed, checking out Yun Jian again with a renewed gaze. "The person in the factory that day was really you!"

How could an ordinary person counterattack him so calmly when faced by an ambush like that!

Ge Junjian knew that he was not weak, so he could now gauge how agile Yun Jian was just now. If she had wanted to kill him, there was probably no opportunity for him to fight back!

This made Ge Junjian more determined.

Yun Jian looked down. She was not expecting Ge Junjian to suddenly test her. Since this was the case, however, she did not have to pretend anymore.

"What do you need me for?" Yun Jian asked after pressing her lips together.

"I’ll reintroduce myself. I’m Ge Junjian, leader of the nation’s Advanced Special Forces." Ge Junjian was not afraid of exposing his identity in front of the teachers. As he spoke, he paused for a beat and announced his invitation to Yun Jian in front of the teaching faculty, "Now, representing the nation’s Advanced Special Forces, I formally invite you to join us!"

Inviting Yun Jian to join the nation’s Advanced Special Forces?!

The teachers’ jaws dropped as they were dumbstruck.

They could put aside the fact that Ge Junjian had disguised himself as a policeman in front of them to conceal that he was the Special Forces leader. However, they could not believe that he was inviting Yun Jian to join them!

Everyone knew that the future of someone who could be invited to join the Advanced Special Forces was incomparable to the teachers here.

Yun Jian actually had the honor of being personally invited by the leader himself!

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When the teachers thought that Yun Jian would agree immediately, the girl arched her brow lightly and said, "I refuse."

"Why?" An exclamation came from Ge Junjian.

A member who could be recruited into the Advanced Special Forces was certainly among the top elites. It was an honor that everyone d.e.s.i.r.ed. Yet Yun Jian rejected it!


Yun Jian was not in a hurry. Right in front of everyone, she hooked a chair that was in front of a teacher’s table with her leg and sat down crossing her legs to look at Ge Junjian.

If it had been any other time, the teachers would have berated her for ignoring her place as a student by being so brazen in the teacher’s office. However, the teachers who were usually high and mighty with condescendence dared not even make a sound.

Ge Junjian understood Yun Jian’s words. He smiled again, reflecting on how Yun Jian was so young but had not agreed to his recruitment in a flash for glory and fame. He promised with a smile, "Once you join us, you’ll be top of the line in Country Z, as long as you don’t kill someone recklessly. Whether it’s local or abroad, the Advanced Special Forces will always be your strongest support!"

The condition was tempting to Yun Jian.

Though she was in Country Z, she would gradually engage herself with the underground organizations of her past life. What she dreaded the most, was if she was not around, that her closest family would be hurt because of her. Fearing things such as Qin Yirou and Yun Yi being held captive...

Like her previous life, Yun Jian was not invincible. That was why her younger brother was caught threatening her when she was away on a mission. Ultimately, she lost her family.

Joining Ge Junjian’s team could guarantee that Qin Yirou and Yun Yi would be well protected even if she was not in Longmen City in the future.

The nation’s protection toward them would never cause them to get hurt easily.

In addition, did Ge Junjian mean that she could be released instantly even if she was arrested for hurting someone in the future? Was this the treatment of a member of the Advanced Special Forces?

Yun Jian tipped her chin to squint at Ge Junjian. Arching her brow, she said, "Okay, I agree."

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