The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 161 - Training Camp. Play Nice

Chapter 161 - Training Camp. Play Nice

Did she agree?

The teachers could not catch up with the change of events.

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Did this mean that Yun Jian belonged to the country from now on? Even when she did not come from a wealthy family background, how would the teachers dare lay a finger on her if she was part of the national force?

"Your addition is the most welcomed!" Ge Junjian was overjoyed when he heard Yun Jian agree.

He could feel that Yun Jian alone was more adept than all the young elites he had recruited in the team just from the brief encounter that he had exchanged with Yun Jian just now.

With someone so skilled joining them, how could Ge Junjian not be delighted?

"Mm." Yun Jian had only replied with a small nod and smile.

"I’ll come to you on Friday after school. You can get to know the youth candidates of the AFS whom we’ve scouted as well," Ge Junjian said.

It was impossible that people of Yun Jian’s age would become a member of the Advanced Special Forces immediately after joining the team. They were usually only candidates when they first joined.

Certainly, it was only a matter of time for potential youths like Yun Jian to truly become the country’s Advanced Special Forces when they entered the troop.

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded again.

She held no opinion about it.

Even after Ge Junjian had informed Yun Jian’s homeroom teacher, Miss Yu, and left the school that the teachers were still dazed.

It had only been a while but Yun Jian had become one of the nation’s Special Forces!

In spite of it, the teachers were smarter than to publicize the matter. After all, if it was classified information and they were the ones leaking it, they would not be able to afford the penalty.

Hence, no one knew what happened in the office other than those around.

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When school was dismissed on Friday, Yun Jian, Chen Xinyi, and Zhang Shaofeng exited the school grounds with Ling Yichen following them.

When they reached the school gate, Yun Jian saw Ge Junjian waiting for her there in a dazzling military jeep.

The man pressed the honk when he saw Yun Jian.

Telling the others to go first, Yun Jian walked toward the dark green jeep under her three friends’ gazes. She opened the door and plopped herself down on the passenger seat.

Still watching, the military jeep slowly drove away and vanished in the teenagers’ line of vision.

Ge Junjian drove a long distance away from the bustling city to the outskirts.

Not too long after leaving the city area, Yun Jian saw a neat row of military stations appearing amidst a secluded area of the forest.

Passing the guarding station and entering the territory, Ge Junjian went down and opened the door for Yun Jian. "We’re here. Follow me."

Nodding, Yun Jian followed the man to an army training camp.

Just as the camp door was opened, Yun Jian could feel a sense of danger coming at her. Without a second thought, she grabbed something in front of her.

A harmless dart without its arrowhead was flying towards Yun Jian, strayed from its track, but it was caught right in the girl’s palm.

"Ah! It went off track again! I threw it wrongly again!" A grieved female voice sounded as a girl who was about Yun Jian’s age appeared.

"Chu Ning, what’s up with you!" Ge Junjian breathed in relief secretly. It was fortunate that Yun Jian was swift. Otherwise, a dart striking someone, despite missing its sharp tip, would still injure its victim. He chastised the girl who was the culprit.

"Officer Ge, I didn’t do it on purpose..." Chu Ning pouted before her eyes shone suddenly when her gaze fell on Yun Jian. She looked thrilled. "Wow, is she the new baby sis?"

It was then that Ge Junjian recomposed himself and nodded at Chu Ning. "She’s new. She’ll be joining all of you, training and going for missions together, from today onward. Be nice to each other!"

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