The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 162 - Familiarizing And An Assessment

Chapter 162 - Familiarizing And An Assessment

"That’s awesome!" Chu Ning was ecstatic once she heard him.

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Chu Ning was not the only one in the training camp. A few boys who were in the middle of their training ran over when they heard Yun Jian was the new youngest little sister to join.

Chu Ning was talking to Yun Jian in a bubbly tone, "Nice to meet you, I’m Chu Ning. I’m sixteen this year. You’re the new baby sis here, huh? You’re so pretty... Can we be friends?"

As she spoke, Chu Ning’s big and pure pretty eyes blinked, looking at Yun Jiang in a friendly manner.

"I’m Yun Jian." Yun Jian did not answer her directly but introducing herself meant that she had acknowledged the former as a friend.

"Little sis, I’m Chu Xiangnan, I’m eighteen. You can call me big bro, haha!" A boy squeezed himself over from the side knocking Chu Ning away, laughing as he stood in front Yun Jian to introduce himself with a tease.

Yun Jian had only nodded slightly at him.

During their introductions, she had observed her surroundings. There were not many people in the training camp. Other than herself and Ge Junjian, there were only six more people who looked like they were between fifteen to twenty years of age. She was the youngest one among them all.

Expectedly, this group of people must be scouted candidates for the Advanced Special Forces recruited by Ge Junjian.

"Alright, familiarize yourselves." Ge Junjian left the kids. After he said that, he turned to see Yun Jian and told her, "You’ll be training here every week from now on. Of course, if you have something up, you can make a report and apply for a leave in advance."

The facilities here were comprehensive. It was a marvelous place to train herself and enhance her abilities. Yun Jian naturally nodded.

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She had been lacking a place like this that could extensively train her skills. Now, she was even more satisfied with her decision of joining the Advanced Special Forces.

Ge Junjian left after his instruction. One he did, the teenagers came up to introduce themselves circling Yun Jian. This allowed Yun Jian to acquaint them all.

Including herself, there were seven people, three girls and four boys. It seemed that boys truly had better physical strength than girls in the Special Forces.

While the introduction went on, a taunting female voice sounded. "Pft, childish! Like a bunch of fools who’s never seen more in life!"

It was the remaining girl after Chu Ning.

The girl had never spoken since Yun Jian came nor had she come over. Now that she spoke with a sneer, it earned everyone’s attention.

"Yun Jian, ignore her. She’s always like that. Hmph, it’s why I’ve always been lonely here until you came. I don’t have any girlfriends I can talk to!" Chu Ning spat at the girl and explained to Yun Jian.

She then shouted at the girl, "Jiang Weiwei, you’re the fool!"

After Chu Ning was done, she turned to Yun Jian again and chuckled. "But she’s the best out of us all. We don’t deny it. But her character... not many can tolerate it. You’ll know soon!"

Chu Ning cracked a grin as she spoke while Yun Jian nodded and pressed her lips into a small smile.

After the introduction and familiarizing themselves with each other, the adolescents went back to their spots to begin their training.

Before Chu Ning ran over to practice throwing darts, she kindly reminded Yun Jian, "Yun Jian, train quickly too. As the candidates of AFS, Officer Ge will check our progress every fifteen days and conduct an assessment every two months. If we don’t pass the assessment, we’ll be kicked out. Right now, we have only twenty days left until the bi-monthly assessment!"

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