The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 163 - Geared Off Roading In A Team Of Seven

Chapter 163 - Geared Off Roading In A Team Of Seven

Yun Jian nodded, understanding why Ge Junjian was training them like this.

Even as the Advanced Special Forces’ candidate, one had to be capable enough to be selected. More crucially, the enemies they would face as the Advanced Special Forces were no easy targets. If they lacked skills, they would lose their lives.

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In this case, they had to enhance their physical training.

As for the other recruited six people in the training camp, Yun Jian had gotten to know them all.

Without hesitation, she trained with the group.

The training camp was void of any urban sound, only uniform training sounds were heard alongside the view of the sweating adolescents.

When night fell and it was time to return home, Ge Junjian drove the teenagers back and requested them to gather at the training camp the next morning.

Yun Jian nodded. She had usually been training alone, but with the training space available now, it would be easier to brush up her skills.

The next day, Ge Junjian was early as promised to pick the kids to the training ground.

Yun Jian had not let Ge Junjian tell Qin Yirou about her recruitment. Her mother had only thought that the school teacher wanted the students to have extra lessons both during the weekdays and on the weekends as well. That was why Yun Jian was leaving the house early and coming back late even during weekends.

The group arrived at the military training camp early in the morning.

Yun Jian hopped off the jeep and walked straight ahead to the camp while the other six youngsters followed suit.

The early morning sun cast rays of their foreheads, pulling shadows behind them.

A new journey was starting here.


Outside the door of the training camp on a plot of empty ground, Ge Junjian stood with his hands behind him. Looking at the seven people lined horizontally, he said seriously, "From this morning onward, I will intensify your training. Everyone will be running five thousand meters off road with five kilograms of gear."

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This was traditional training for the Special Forces but Ge Junjian had reduced the difficulty for them in terms of weight. Usual Special Forces ran off road carrying a full load of gear, amounting to over twenty kilograms each.

In spite of it, a few people g.r.o.a.n.e.d and wailed on the spot.


"That’ll be so tiring it will kill me!"

The first m.o.a.n was from Chu Ning while the latter one was from Chu Xiangnan.

The rest of the group, including Yun Jian, had not made a sound.

Yun Jian had also realized that among the few of them, Chu Ning and Chu Xiangnan were the most lively and active chatterboxes.

Ge Junjian pretended to not have heard them at all as he continued. "Alright, come with me to put on the gear. We’ll start the morning off roading immediately."

Actually, both offroad running in the Special Forces and running the school’s cadet drill were similar to some extent. It was just that the off road running emphasized endurance, so the runners must possess high endurance to support themselves in completing the distance.

When the group put on their gear and was about to begin the run, Chu Xiangnan was still teasing Yun Jian, flaunting himself to look more dashing in front of the girl. "Lil sis Yun Jian, you’re a newcomer. Run slower if you can’t keep up later on."

To the group, Yun Jian had just joined them and she must naturally be the weakest in capability among them.

A voice cut in then.

"Is everyone ready with their gear?" It was their captain, Liu Shiyun.

The decision of Liu Shiyun as the captain was already determined before Yun Jian joined them. Although Jiang Weiwei was the most adept among them, Liu Shiyun was relatively mature, thus Ge Junjian had appointed him to become the captain.

"Captain, we’re done!" A boy with a bright smile replied before he turned to poke fun at Chu Xiangnan, "Don’t pick on the little girl, Chu Xiangnan. Every time we have a newbie, you blabber on for half a day. Our little sis needs protection, what can you do with your mumbling?"

The boy among the seven of them was Fang Xiaoran, who spoke distinctly.

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