The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 164 - Even Pacing, Constant Speed

Chapter 164 - Even Pacing, Constant Speed

"Shush! Stop being a busybody!" Chu Xiangnan countered. He liked boasting and was especially reluctant to look bad in front of girls.

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Yun Jian gave a small smile and said nothing, standing on the spot after putting on all her gear.

Among the seven of them, the three girls were Yun Jian, Chu Ning, and Jiang Weiwei while the four boys were Chu Xiangnan, Fang Xiaoran, their captain Liu Shiyun, and another boy. Where there was a captain on the team, there would be a vice-captain. The remaining boy was Hong Fan. He was an ordinary looking, tall, and lean boy. He was also silent, having not spoken since the beginning.

Nonetheless, there must be a reason for Ge Junjian to have recruited him. In addition, Hong Fan was the vice-captain.

"Let’s start since all of us are ready." Before Ge Gunjian asked them, their captain Liu Shiyun had spoken up.

He was the first to spread his legs as well, running toward the offroading track.

"Hmph." Jiang Weiwei was the second to run off after scoffing at the rest with a sideways glance and glaring at Yun Jian arrogantly.

The rest of the team departed respectively.

Yun Jian was not impatient. She had slowly run at the back after the others had sped off.

Ge Junjian who stood on the spot watching narrowed his eyes. He could not figure out why Yun Jian ran last and not bolted out like the other team members. After all, the morning off roading did not take ranking into account but the team was more or less competitive.

"Little sis Yun Jian, don’t be in a hurry. You can run slowly if you can’t manage. I’ll be going off first." Chu Xiangnan waved at Yun Jian when he saw her running last before carrying the gear on his shoulder and catapulting away.

Simultaneously, Jiang Weiwei who was leading in the run was already far ahead of everyone.

Yun Jian kept a constant speed and held her position as the last member. Her pace was consistent, not too fast nor too slow.

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On the other hand, the first few people who had sprinted in the beginning eventually felt their pace being weighed down as the five kilograms of gear on their shoulders were no joke.

Dragging themselves forward while having to carry additional weight was torturing.

In the meantime, there were only huffs and puffs on the track.

Only Yun Jian who ran last was reducing the distance between herself and the person in front of her bit by bit.

The biggest difference between Yun Jian and Chu Xiangnan who ran in front of her, was that the boy was already heaving and panting, but Yun Jian did not even make a sound other than having slightly red cheeks.

It was when Chu Xiangnan felt a shadow beside him and saw Yun Jian’s smaller frame overtaking him that he dumbly reacted, finally cussing aloud, "Holy shit!"

Yun Jian had passed him! Moreover, he did not hear Yun Jian’s heavy pants. Did that mean Yun Jian was not even tired yet?

He was on the brim of exhaustion but this newbie, their youngest little sister, looked as relaxed as if she was walking!

As Chu Xiangnan was running at the very back and the track was now straight without any surrounding trees, he could see everyone’s position. This was despite them being in front of him and the track curving away.

Therefore, running last, Chu Xiangnan witnessed how Yun Jian maintained a constant speed as she overtook each person in front of her who was gradually slowing down and felt utterly shocked.

But she was a newbie!

Usually, newbies were the weakest in abilities and would only improve after a period of training.

It was Yun Jian’s second day of training today but she was currently in second place after overtaking everyone, catching up with Jiang Weiwei who was the best among the team!

The rest of the team was baffled. "Oh my god! How did she do it!"

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