The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 165 - A Failed Ambush And A Mini Show

Chapter 165 - A Failed Ambush And A Mini Show

"Hah, hah... holy moly, Yun Jian’s going to cut off Jiang Weiwei!" Fang Xiaoran who was overtaken by Yun Jian shouted before realizing that he had misbehaved.

It was basic energy conservation to not talk while they ran but Fang Xiaoran apparently was unable to hold himself back.

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During, Yun Jian’s even pacing was propelling her to nearly overtake Jiang Weiwei.

When Jiang Weiwei realized that Yun Jian was right behind her as she heard Fang Xiaoran’s exclaim, she wore a deep frown.

She came from a military family background. The generations before her were all militants or in the Special Forces. Her father was a high ranking officer while her mother was an excellent soldier. Continuing the heritage, her capability came from training since a young age, thus she was naturally the most skilled member in the team.

Perhaps this was the reason that Jiang Weiwei had always looked down on Chu Ning and the rest. To the girl, they were not even her rivals. Jiang Weiwei was also a competitive person. While looking down at Yun Jian, she could no longer keep her calm when she saw that Yun Jian was overhauling her at a consistent pace.

Her ego disallowed anyone from crushing it. What was more, Yun Jian was new here!

Jiang Weiwei ran faster but she too, eventually felt her lead-laden legs.

Seeing that she was slowing down and Yun Jian was catching up, Jiang Weiwei’s pride came in the way. When Yun Jian was about to pass her from the side, she did something extreme despite being watched by everyone else.

Turning, she blocked Yun Jian’s way and stretched her arm to ram the latter harshly with the side of her body.

This was a time when everyone was expendable. With Jiang Weiwei’s ambush, an ordinary person would definitely have fallen on the ground with her shove.

In spite of it, Yun Jian looked like she had already predicted Jiang Weiwei’s action.

The moment Jiang Weiwei tilted to her side and shoved Yun Jian, Yun Jian sidestepped to avoid it while stretching her arm to block the girl at a speed that was faster than lightning. She slipped away from Jiang Weiwei’s and took first place in this run.

The episode caused the rest of them to widen their eyes.

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They were watching from a good distance from behind but they saw it clearly.

The trick that Yun Jian had shown just now was the technique that Ge Junjian had demonstrated to them previously!

They did not even know how to use the technique. How did Yun Jian learn it?

Furthermore, Yun Jian was not even recruited yet when Ge Junjian had demonstrated it to them.

Could she have already mastered the useful techniques of the Special Forces, demonstrated to them a long time ago?

What the teenagers did not know was that Yun Jian knew the techniques of the Special Forces. Not only that, she knew techniques that the Special Forces did not know too!

Jiang Weiwei was equally overwhelmed. She was well aware of her skills. Putting aside that the candidates of the Special Forces would not be able to deflect her shove just now, even an a.d.u.l.t would be knocked off their composure.

Yet Yun Jian had evaded it?

Casting her gaze forward again, Yun Jian’s petite form had already gone past a slope and was running toward an area the rest of the team could not see.

Ge Junjian stood waiting at the starting point.

The starting point and the ending point were the same places. Running along the trail, the team would ultimately return to the original spot. Hence, he had been standing here since the start.

It had only been ten minutes since the team set off. The man was not impatient.

With a five-kilogram weighted off road run, it was amazing if an a.d.u.l.t Special Forces could complete the circuit in fifteen minutes.

To Ge Junjian, the team was only teenagers who were not even twenty years old. The estimated time that he had given to Yun Jian and the rest was thirty minutes. Even the fastest one to complete the circuit would have to take more or less thirty minutes.

However, when he saw a petite figure appearing from the curving trail and was running toward the ending point at a constant speed, Ge Junjian was so close to being stunned from his surprise.

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