The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 166 - Taken. The Reason of His Return

Chapter 166 - Taken. The Reason of His Return

Yun Jian had completed the five-kilogram weighted, five thousand meters off roading training in just ten minutes!

Ge Junjian was nearly blown out of his mind.

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Truthfully, he had cultivated plenty of talented youths and most of the Special Forces trained by him grew up to be famous names. Nonetheless, he had never seen someone as skillful.

"Report, mission completed." Yun Jian ran to the finishing point and reported before she removed her gears.

"You’ve done... remarkably!" This was Ge Junjian’s highest remark in history.

Other than Yun Jian, however, his estimation was correct.

The second in place was Jiang Weiwei. When she got to the end, she was already wheezing and had held on to a pole to pant by the time she reached the end.

This was a distinct contrast from Yun Jian.

Jiang Weiwei took thirty minutes and twenty-five seconds to complete the five-kilogram, five thousand meters off road run. This was already a short time.

With Yun Jian’s precedence, however, her result was lackl.u.s.ter.

The rest of the team respectively arrived at the finishing point as well.

Chu Xiangnan who was the slowest had been a lot slower than the others but he had still completed the circuit in forty-five minutes.

It was apparent that the addition of the weighted offroad morning run was only an introductory drill, as the morning and afternoon were still continued with free training.

At six in the evening, Ge Junjian stopped at the training camp punctually in his jeep to send everyone home.

The car had just left the guarding station of the military ground with the team of teenagers when Ge Junjian suddenly hit his brake.

The adolescents were seated behind. Chu Ning and a few of them had almost hit their head on the window beside them.

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"Officer Ge, what’s wrong?" Chu Ning asked nervously.

From the windshield, Yun Jian could see a familiar black Lamborghini parked in front of Ge Junjian’s military jeep. She narrowed her shining eyes and could not help curling up her lips.

Opening the jeep door with a pop, Yun Jian hopped off the vehicle and went toward the black Lamborghini as the others watched from the jeep.

When she saw Si Yi in the Lamborghini, who she had not seen in a long time, she wore a smile that she did not notice.

"Why are you here?" asked Yun Jian. She knew that Si Yi would be able to find out that she was here with just a wiggle of his fingers.

"Hop in." Si Yi turned to look at Yun Jian as his gaze slowly became tender the moment it reached her, as if he was marveling at a piece of treasure.

Yun Jian smiled as she ran to the jeep and told Ge Junjian, "My friend’s here to pick me up. You guys can go ahead."

She then ran back to the Lamborghini and opened the door to the passenger seat before gleefully sitting down like a young girl in love.

Yun Jian had not realized her own actions.

Then, the Lamborghini sped off, leaving Ge Junjian and the teenagers to entertain the thoughts in their heads. Chu Xiangnan, specifically, looked sorrowful as he sighed, "Little sis Yun Jian is taken huh. I was thinking about courting her still..."


In the Lamborghini, Yun Jian turned to glance at Si Yi and asked, "When did you come back to Country Z?"

"Just did," Si Yi said and paused before continuing with an ambiguous reply, "I came to you just as I came back to Longmen City."

Actually, Si Yi stated that he was not planning to return to Longmen City.

He had stayed here previously for the sandalwood box. Now that he had gotten the box, there was no reason for him to revisit a small place like Longmen City.

There was only one reason for his return – Yun Jian.

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