The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 167 - Need To Know. An Ancient Catacomb

Chapter 167 - Need To Know. An Ancient Catacomb

Speaking of the sandalwood box, Si Yi was then reminded of his purpose of this trip.

Halfway along their journey, he drove them into a forest.

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"What are you doing?" Yun Jian was surprised.

Si Yi had already stopped the car then. Nudging his handsome face close, his warm puffs of breath were nearly blown on Yun Jian’s face.

They were very close together, a distance that allowed them to kiss had they leaned a little forward.

Silence loomed. Just as Yun Jian caved in and wanted to retaliate, Si Yi spoke. He took out the sandalwood box and pushed it to Yun Jian again, saying, "You know about this box."

Earlier, he had tested Yun Jian with the sandalwood box. Yun Jian had said that she did not know about it but Si Yi was already doubtful.

Now that he took out the box again, he was not asking Yun Jian anymore. His tone was certain, confident that Yun Jian knew about the sandalwood box.

Staring straight at Si Yi, Yun Jian could see her own reflection in his sharp eyes.

She nodded ultimately. Closing her eyes and reopening them a while later, her gaze bright and clear.

"Yes, I know about this box." What she did not say was, ’It was the indirect cause of my baby brother’s death’.

"Do you want to know the secret about this box then?" Si Yi asked, not minding that Yun Jian had previously lied to him.

There was a beat of delay. His good looking brows arched and he spoke in a clear voice once more. "Particularly, why do people in the business and even retired old folks of international prestige care to step out and fight for it?"

Of course Yun Jian wanted to know.

She gave up playing tricks with Si Yi. It was plain that the latter was more canny and mysterious.

She nodded and asked, "Why?"

Si Yi squinted, arching a brow. His lips parted to speak directly without creating any suspense, "Because it could bring the dead back to life!"

The power of resurrection!

Yun Jian’s eyelids throbbed when she heard it.

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"You don’t believe it?" Si Yi arched his brow and narrowed his eyes, staring straight at Yun Jian.

If she had heard that the tiny sandalwood box possessed the power of resurrection in her previous life, she would not believe it.

Now, she dared not, question it.

Her rebirth was due to the box.

How could she be in disbelief?

"Why are you telling me these?" Yun Jian pressed her lips together. The gloss of her lips was a natural shine, looking captivating.

"Because..." Si Yi scanned Yun Jian from top to bottom before a hearty laugh was peeled from him. "Because you need to know."


Yun Jian’s brows knitted together into a deep frown. She needed to know?

Was Si Yi already suspecting or perhaps, he had already known about her rebirth?

How was it possible?

Other than Snake.Lizard, no one else knew about it, and Snake.Lizard would never betray her.

"No need to make wild guesses. Just remember that I will never harm you." Si Yi raised his brows. As he spoke, he kept his gaze trained on Yun Jian.

After a moment of pondering, Yun Jian unknowingly nodded in the end. She had never thought that she was already someone’s destined prey.

Si Yi’s fair and long fingers rubbed the steering wheel twice. Turning to her, he spoke again, "The sandalwood box can bring the dead back to life and is immensely powerful. Whether it’s true or not, however, there’s no way to find out."

"Hence, it’s not only the veterans who want it, but international medical schools and renowned scholars were also all looking for it, trying to crack its secret."

There was a pause as Si Yi’s charming eyes stayed on Yun Jian, his gaze was so warm that it could spark a flicker of flame. "And I’ve received the latest news that this sandalwood box was dug from an ancient catacomb in the south. I think a new discovery could be found there. Besides, there are already a lot of people making their way there. Strangely, people who entered the ancient catacomb lost connection with the outside world entirely."

"No one who enters the catacomb survives."

Yun Jian understood as much from Si Yi’s words as she asked with a raised brow. "You’re going?"

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