The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 169 - Want A Ride? Encountering A Cousin

Chapter 169 - Want A Ride? Encountering A Cousin

Boys liked sports cars, racing, guns, machinery, and other cool things. They liked reading up about them from books too.

Ling Yichen’s family background made him pay extra attention to these, so he knew about luxury cars too.

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Ferrari’s newly released supercar, LaFerrari, was a luxury car that would always be a hot topic when the boys gathered to chat.

It never crossed Ling Yichen’s mind that one of the only three in the world was actually in Yun Jian’s possession!

Hence, his shock just now could no longer be described in words.

Zhang Shaofeng and Chen Xinyi were both looking at Yun Jian in awe too.

On the other hand, Yun Jian had only snapped her fingers as she walked around her beloved car happily. Then, she unlocked the doors with the remote and sat on the car’s hood. Patting it, she turned to the trio and waved. "What do you think? Want a ride?"

"Yes, yes, yes! Of course!" Before the other two agreed, Ling Yichen sprinted over in ecstasy.

There were only two seats in LaFerrari but the backseat could still be occupied. It was just that the passengers would have to squeeze themselves in through the front.

Ling Yichen and Zhang Shaofeng were gentlemanly enough to give the front seat to Chen Xinyi.

When all of them were seated, Yun Jian got into the driver’s seat as well.

Zhang Shaofeng suddenly thought of something and asked, "Eh? Master, you know how to drive? Do you have a driving license?"

Ling Yichen and Chen Xinyi also seemed to have suddenly realized this fact as they stared at Yun Jiang.

Yun Jian raised her chin and answered with a raised brow. "No."

"But I do know how to drive." She then locked the car and ignited the engine before stepping on the accelerator.

The car sped off like a rocket.

Yun Jian had not driven her favorite car in a long time. It felt like she had gone back to her past life. Back then, she drove this car to complete a variety of missions.

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The trio in the car, however, blanched.

Once Yun Jian stepped on the accelerator, she did not once press on the brakes. As the speed picked up, the scenery was a blur, fleeting across their eyes.

When the trio saw that they were going to run into somewhere they should not, Yun Jian would steer away successfully in the end.

Ling Yichen, Zhang Shaofeng, and Chen Xinyi came from wealthy families. It was not like they had never been in a car, but they had never taken such a fast ride.

When Yun Jian parked the car beside a roadside barbecue stall, it was then that they exited the vehicle, looking like they had lost their souls.

Ling Yichen’s first words after he came out of the car was, "Holy sh*t, my soul almost left me. Yun Jian, did you come from a racing background?!"

With only a smile, Yun Jian waved her hands and said, "As an apology, I’ll buy you guys barbecue."

Hearing that they were having barbecue, the trio was excited again as they could not help salivating.

After Yun Jian locked the doors, the four of them headed for the barbecue stall.

It was the most famous barbecue vendor in Longmen City as it was much cleaner and more hygienic than other shops. It was an honest business too, never swindling its patrons.

The group pulled the curtain apart to enter the tent and pick their skewered dishes for the barbecue.

A shrill and surprised female voice rang, "Yun Jian? Why are you here?"

It had been a while since she met anyone familiar, but Yun Jian was no stranger to a voice dripping with malice. She shrugged. She only wanted to have a barbecue, but she had to bump into someone familiar.

Turning around, she saw a girl sitting at a round table with boys and girls surrounding her. They were obviously here for the food as well.

In Yun Jian’s memory, the girl was no stranger. Having just gone back to the Qin Family a few days ago, this girl was Qin Laiqian, Qin Yirou’s elder brother’s daughter.

Her name was Qin Fenger.

Qin Fenger was also studying in one of the high schools in Longmen City. Though not as prestigious as Di Yi Senior High School, it was already impressive that she could leave Xinjiang Town.

When she was still in Xinjiang Town, however, Qin Fenger’s favorite thing to do was to bully the weak and timid original owner of her body.

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