The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 171 - Her Secret, The Art of Hypnotism

Chapter 171 - Her Secret, The Art of Hypnotism

Qin Fenger seemed to relish in the feeling of Yun Jian being looked down upon. It allowed her to seek confidence from the crowd.

After she said that, she added oil to the fire. "Yun Jian, no matter what you need the money for, you can’t do something like that! Will you be able to face your mom spending so recklessly?"

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Qin Fenger’s words seemed to confirm for the others watching that Yun Jian was really being a sugar baby.

Her false perception of Yun Jian, that did not even exist, was coming to life through her words.

Zhang Shaofeng was munching on the tofu skewer but spat out the chewed tofu bits when he heard what Qin Fenger said.

Did Yun Jian who could afford the international limited edition supercar need their money?! It was as unbelievable as telling someone that pigs could fly!

How could Yun Jian possibly be poor?

Yun Jian narrowed her eyes after listening to Qin Fenger. She casually swallowed the skewered mutton before side-eyeing Qin Fenger and let out an unnerving chuckle.

"Wha... what! I’m just speaking the truth!" Feeling that the atmosphere took a strange turn, Qin Fenger continued to stand firm on her opinion.

At the same time, she glanced at Zhang Shaofeng and "kindly" reminded him, "Let me tell you, Yun Jian is from a poor family. Her father’s a gambling addict and is in a lot of debt! I’m just giving you a kind reminder. Someone like her must have slept with plenty of men. There can’t be anything she dare not do for money and you guys still want a used rag like her..."


While Qin Fenger was engrossed in persuading Zhang Shaofeng to stay away from Yun Jian with her usual trash talk, a thin and long skewer for barbecuing was stabbed right into the round table in front of her with a wind-breaking noise.

It penetrated the wood.

When everyone turned to look again, the stick from the skewered mutton that Yun Jian had in her hand was gone.

Qin Fenger watched the scene unfold with widened eyes. Swallowing harshly, she s.u.c.k.e.d in a big breath.

Yun Jian had pierced the round wooden table with such a thin stick from such a distance!

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The group was fl.u.s.tered.

Despite having gotten used to her skills, Zhang Shaofeng, Ling Yichen, and Chen Xinyi could not help cheering for Yun Jian.

During everyone’s momentary trance, Yun Jian had already made her way to Qin Fenger like a haunting ghost. Her eerily toned words seemed to have come from hell itself as they sounded chilling.

"I’m a sugar baby? Hmm?"

The instant that everyone breathed in relief, Yun Jian’s airy voice rang again.

She stretched out her fair dainty hand and pulled the stick off the table. While Qin Fenger was still in a stupor, the skewer brushed past her freckled cheek.

Yun Jian’s action caught her off guard and Qin Fenger shuddered in reflex.

Then, Yun Jian’s flat but unnerving voice resonated in Qin Fenger’s ears like a nightmare, "Which eye of yours saw that I was paid for? I don’t mind helping you poke that eyeball out or maybe blind both of your eyes, for that matter..."

As she spoke, the skewer in her hand gently glided across Qin Fenger’s eyes.


Qin Fenger was suddenly reminded of Yun Jian shooting the stick into the table from a long distance away, which only gave her more chills when Yun Jian brushed the stick on her cheek.

She screamed, unable to help imagining Yun Jian stabbing the skewer into her eyeball from the girl’s threat.

Qin Fenger ran away like she was crazy, leaving her bewildered friends behind.

"Hypnotism! She’s used hypnotism on Qin Fenger just now!" A boy who sat farther away suddenly cried pointing at Yun Jian with an agitated expression.

Yun Jian frowned swiftly.

She had been exposed? She thought that there were not many people left who knew about the art of hypnotism.

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