The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 172 - Make Clear Of It. I Remember You

Chapter 172 - Make Clear Of It. I Remember You

Indeed, Yun Jian knew hypnotism and the art of hypnotism that she mastered was a measly superficial level.

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She was a secret agent in her past life. Slaying God, ranked number one in the secret agent chart!

Nonetheless, she was very young back then. She was only sixteen years old when she ascended the throne which some may never come close to all their lives.

It did not happen without a cause. She was not a rare prodigy. She was just a normal girl, one of the billions of lives on earth.

It was what she encountered in life that was different. She managed to save an elder unintentionally on one of her missions, an elder who could not be tracked and traced wherever he went.

It was him who had taught her all the things that ordinary people were unable to be taught.

The art of hypnotism was one of them. Other than that, she got to learn a lot more things that others could not have imagined.

Furthermore, the hypnotism that Yun Jian mastered in her previous life could allow the hypnotized to feel at peace and die in p.l.e.a.s.u.r.e, despite being asked to stab oneself to death.

She had just done a little trick on Qin Fenger just now, hypnotizing her with an illusion so that she ran away after seeing some scary scenes. This level of hypnotism was simple.

Strictly speaking, the elder was Yun Jian’s master.

They had not formally acknowledged it but he had already passed his lifetime knowledge to Yun Jian alone and that had bestowed her a smooth journey in her career of being a secret agent.

The unique skill set had become Yun Jian’s trump card as well, a trump card that no one else knew.

As for where the elder went, Yun Jian had no idea.

He was used to roaming freely without leaving a hint of his whereabouts. Perhaps, he had long retired to somewhere elusive.

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Yun Jian wanted to see him again but she did not know if she would still have the opportunity.

She practiced simple hypnotism tricks with Qin Fenger today which made her see some frightening gore, but she did not expect her trick to be discerned.

Yun Jian turned to glance at the boy who had spoken just now.

He looked pure and clean, handsome, and innocent.

When he saw that Yun Jian had looked toward him and recalled that he had cried aloud just now, he blushed inexplicably like a young girl.

Yun Jian raised her brow and asked him nicely, "What did you say?"

One was unable to figure out what she was currently thinking as her tone was nonchalant.

The boy shuddered and looked up worriedly. Finally, he stuttered frantically, "I... I – I..."

Yun Jian had already walked toward the boy then. Standing not too far away from him, she furrowed her brows together and asked him a question that was completely irrelevant to the matter at hand. "What’s your name?"

The boy hung his head bashfully while his voice was low like a mosquito hum. "I... I’m Lu Haoze."

"Lu Haoze." Yun Jian wore a strange smile that the others could not decipher, as she softly said, "I remember you now."

There were not many people in this world who still knew about hypnotism, especially one who could see through her skill with one glance.

Whether the boy was involved in the art, part of was his family heritage, or he was born with the ability, Yun Jian had to make it clear because ever since she made her debut as a secret agent, she had never met anyone who knew about hypnotism other than the elder.

It was also obvious that this was not the place to ask Lu Haoze about this. Certainly, she only needed to know the boy’s name. For how small Longmen City was, would she be afraid of being unable to find him?

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