The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 173 - Assessment Cancelled. A Mission Instead

Chapter 173 - Assessment Cancelled. A Mission Instead

Lu Haoze’s blush deepened when he heard Yun Jian’s words. With his supple cheeks, he looked radiant and juicy. He was like an adorable little brother, vaguely making Yun Jian feel like she saw her baby brother from her previous life.

Although she had only seen her baby brother once, she remembered his adorable and shy look.

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When Yun Jian was talking to Lu Haoze, Zhang Shaofeng, Chen Xinyi and Ling Yichen were close to emptying all the skewered dishes in the plates. Ultimately, Chen Xinyi had still snatched ten skewered mutton from the boys to keep them for Yun Jian.

The trio’s speed of consumption was amazing. It had been mere minutes but they had devoured dozens of skewered barbecue dishes. If Longmen City had an eating contest, the three of them would certainly win first place.

"Let’s go."

Yun Jian pulled a skewered mutton stick from Chen Xinyi’s hold and ate it while distributing the other nine sticks to the three of them and exited the barbecue stall.

The shopkeeper had pulled the tent’s curtains away now that the sun was gracing everyone’s presence, bathing them in the chilling fall breeze with its warmth.

Yun Jian and friends headed out of the stall and towards the LaFerrari that was parked in front of everyone.

It was after they got into the car, started the engine, and sped off that Qin Fenger’s friends who were still in the barbecue stall stared with wide eyes and gaping mouths.

Someone among them exclaimed, "That’s – that’s Ferrari’s limited edition supercar, LaFerrari! There are only three of them for sale in the world!"

The group was even more shocked at the revelation.

Qin Fenger’s accusation that Yun Jian was being a sugar baby immediately failed to stand its ground.

The car had to be Yun Jian’s since she was the one driving.

It was undeniable that boys were passionate about cars as all of them watched with admiration.

Lu Haoze who sat in the corner peeked up to see Yun Jian driving off in her car. Her cool looks reminded him of her words just now and Lu Haoze’s supple cheeks flushed again.


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Yun Jian was back on her routine the following days, traveling between school, home, and the military training camp.

Ge Junjian assessed the outcome of their recent training after fifteen days and Yun Jian passed smoothly. The assessment result was based on their performance in the five-kilogram weighted off road five thousand meter run.

As expected, Yun Jian passed easily while the other six were within the standards as well.

Five days later, as stated, the bi-monthly assessment match arrived too.

Ge Junjian stood with his hands behind his back in a standard soldier stance this day as he looked at the seven adolescents with furrowed then relaxed brows.

Finally, he said, "The assessment match this month is canceled."

"Huh? That’s awesome! We don’t have to be assessed this month?" Chu Xiangnan raised his brows at Chu Ning and grinned.

One who did not pass the bi-monthly assessment match would be eliminated from the team. Chu Xiangnan was the weakest in ability among the rest and he knew that he was barely scraping past the line each time.

How could he not be delighted when he heard that they did not need to go through the assessment?

"Don’t be overjoyed so soon. Your assessment is canceled because we receive a new mission." Ge Junjian’s tone was grim.

"This mission is important and should’ve been completed by official Advanced Special Forces, not candidates like you all. But it’s a confidential mission, your enemies must not be alerted or doubt you during this mission."

"The ASF members are familiar faces, so they won’t be suitable to be assigned this mission. You guys are new and have never gone for a mission, so it’s the best decision to assign this to you. I plan to let all of you go as well. Your debut mission!"

Ge Junjian grew more serious then. "This mission is risky. You may opt out of it too."

As he spoke, he looked at Yun Jian.

Other than Yun Jian, the other six teenagers had actually trained here for more than a year. In spite of it, the person whom Ge Junjian was the least worried about was Yun Jian who had just joined them. In fact, he had even put all his hope on her.

If Yun Jian was willing to accept the mission, success was guaranteed. After all, she was someone who had killed the top tenth of the assassin ranking, Wolf Blade!

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