The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 175 - Slash, To Slit One’s Throat. Going Abroad Soon

Chapter 175 - Slash, To Slit One’s Throat. Going Abroad Soon

Liu Shiyun was a young master from a family of a military background too. Since a young age, he was cool and composed. He was also the eldest among the members, already twenty years old and currently a university student.

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It was because he was usually calm and collected, in spite of Ge Junjian’s sudden announcement, that made him the leader.

Now, even someone who was usually unflappable like Liu Shiyun was ruffled when he heard Yun Jian’s alias. It was inevitable that the others were perturbed as well.

The team members knew about the people on the secret agent and assassin charts. They were Special Forces candidates, not ordinary students.

They had to know about people on the secret agent and assassin rankings, they even thought of staying as far as they could from those people when they had officially become a member of the Special Forces.

When everyone’s gaze froze on Yun Jian, she explained, "I mean Slashing God – slash, as in to slit one’s throat."

The explanation relieved everyone’s high-strung nerves.

It made sense. Yun Jian was so young. If she were really Slaying God of the secret agent chart, why would she possibly be here?

Ge Junjian frowned before the crease on his forehead smoothed out in the end. He took a double take at Yun Jian before grimly shifted his gaze away. Slashing God and Slaying God were similar aliases, even their pronunciations were resembling. In addition, Yun Jian had killed Wolf Blade, the tenth on the assassin ranking, just previously.

Was it really a coincidence that Yun Jian had used this alias?

"Hey, hey, it’s just an alias... It’s only a coincidence. Alright, alright, our aliases are happily decided then!" Chu Xiangnan had no idea how shocked Ge Junjian and the others were just now. Instead, he stepped out to mediate the atmosphere as the peacemaker.

"Cough, okay, since all of you have your own aliases, we’ll begin the intensive training next." Ge Junjian who had not said anything spoke up to interrupt the kids.

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It was actually very strenuous to increase the intensity of their training to a usual Special Forces level straight away, but there was no time for them to take things slow now.

The five thousand meter off road daily run had increased from five kilograms to over twenty kilograms of weighted gears. That meant that each of them had to run with an additional weight of more than twenty kilograms.

This was only the basic training of a normal Special Forces.

After all, an official member of the Special Forces had to carry around machinery and equipment as well as their full gear. Adding everything that they had to bring around, it amounted to over twenty kilograms that the youths were now running with.

As the day progressed, everyone else other than Yun Jian, were sore all over that they barely could straighten themselves up.

A few days later, Yun Jian applied for a week’s leave from Ge Junjian as it was time for the study trip abroad as one of the school’s top students.

Ge Junjian approved it immediately as he was not worried about Yun Jian’s skills.

It was early in the morning at the break of dawn where a cold breeze blew.

Yun Jian carried only an old school bag that Qin Yirou had helped her pack and stood at the entrance of Di Yi Senior High School with Chen Xinyi.

There were only five of them from Longmen Yi Junior High School who participated in the program. Other than Yun Jian and Chen Xinyi, the other three students were already there.

Yun Jian and her schoolmates were boarding the plane with Di Yi Senior High School’s students as the latter school was responsible for the arrangement.

After waiting at the entrance for a while, Yun Jian saw a tall familiar figure walking out from the school. She went ahead and shouted in glee. "Brother!"

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